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Is two decent sized presents for DS (3.5) one too many?

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lilolilmanchester Mon 11-Oct-10 21:25:03

um, not sure how that happened - ended up on an old Christmas thread, not the current one - ignore!!!

lilolilmanchester Mon 11-Oct-10 21:24:09

mmm, I'd be with the one present - nothing to do with the money, more to do with the fact that they get so much at Christmas.

Your DS's birthday is only 4 months after Christmas - what about keeping the skates til then?

lisasimpson Fri 27-Nov-09 16:06:10

well £100 is quite a lot but I would buy two presents. I would only buy 1 expensive present like the castle if I thought DS would really want it though.

TopSop Fri 27-Nov-09 15:48:13

DH seems to think so.

This time of year always brings out the penny-pinching Scrooge in him! I think because his parents never bought him any toys he feels that DS is spoilt (though tbh he's the worst at spoiling him with random gifts for no apparent reason!)

DS has expressed wishes for certain things, most of which I have passed on to family and friends as gift ideas and which have been gratefully taken up by those in question. I kept two ideas for us - a wooden toy castle, and a pair of inline skates (his cousins have them and he loves them and is surprisingly good on them - for indoor on-carpet use only at this age obviously!)I think in total it comes to £100. This is excluding a few little things for his stocking, which will come to about £20 at the most.

DH's attitude is that the castle should have been enough. I'm fairly certain that this is emanating from the perspective that his parents will be coming for Christmas, and tend to be a bit hmm about large numbers of presents (I do love my ILs, they are exceptionally generous in countless other ways, just don't believe in overdoing it at Christmas). My parents are also coming for Christmas Day (we are hosting) as are my B and SIL with their two children, and my parents have completely the opposite attitude - they LOVE to spoil their grandchildren with far too many gifts! They believe that Christmas should be about the children... which is sort of my attitude too (we've agreed on no major presents between the adults this year).

I just know that DS will love his pressies. I know that too many can be overwhelming, but they will be spread out over the morning as my parents and my B/SIL are coming for lunchtime... so it's not like things will get opened and then shoved to one side and forgotten. Plus his birthday is in April so it's a long time since his last big present (a bike)....

What do you think? is DH being a scrooge or am I being overindulgent? (puts hard hat on and waits for fallout...)

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