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gift ideas 7mo boy

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theansweris42 Wed 11-Nov-09 11:23:01

I know it sounds a bit mad - but the family are asking what we'd like for DS. I'd like to ask for nice things (not pricey) which we can maybe keep for him as it is his first Christmas. But then again be nice for him to have something to play with..Am a bit stumped. DS is first baby in family for many years so I think we've all gone a bit doolally.
Any ideas from MNers would be most welcome.
thank you

mrsjammi Wed 11-Nov-09 11:27:50

Message withdrawn

theansweris42 Wed 11-Nov-09 11:30:15

thank you
laughing at the nappy box!
will have a look at duplo
get well soon!

MrsBadger Wed 11-Nov-09 11:30:28

nothing, or donations to his savings account.

'keepsakes' are a waste of time/space IMO. I suppose the exception would be if you aren't having a christening this is the time to ask for classic books, a noah's ark etc.

for dd's first Christmas (she was 4m) we got her a rattle with a bell in stuffed inside a stocking full of that shredded foil stuff and she had a whale of a time grin

theansweris42 Wed 11-Nov-09 11:34:44

totally agree about not getting heaps of random toys that's why I am asking. he prfers paying with his own socks half the time smile
I mentioned the saving to DP but he wasn't keen and most of the family are his...

mrsjammi Wed 11-Nov-09 11:42:28

Message withdrawn

theansweris42 Wed 11-Nov-09 11:45:10

thans Mrs J I'll have a look at BOOTS smile

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Wed 11-Nov-09 11:49:01

Stacking cups

Soft photo album

traceybath Wed 11-Nov-09 11:54:08

Clothes in the next size up perhaps?

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