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Little Christmas stocking fillers - would you like to post finds, hints and tips here?

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tulpe Mon 04-Oct-10 12:29:54

Minifigures from Lego. Cost £1.99 and come in a sealed bag so you don't know which one you've got.

tulpe Mon 04-Oct-10 12:29:12

Check out Cox & Cox . Some great ideas for boys in there. Am going with hand transfers for DS2 (6 years old) and a few other bits.

TheGoddessBlossom Wed 02-Dec-09 12:32:35

I also put Batman meets Scooby DOo DVD in one and The Princess Bride DVD in the other.

Small boys are actually very easy to please stocking present wise. It's when they get older I'll struggle I think...

TheGoddessBlossom Wed 02-Dec-09 12:31:13

My Toby gets Toblerone, my Harry gets Haribo. I also found little pop guns with corks in the end, whoopee cushions, they always get a book each, choc money, choc Father Xmas. I've put Old maid card game in one, Happy Families card game in another. I also found 2 foam swords, and a big wooden magnifying glass each for them. Top Stockings!!! grin

clumsymum Sun 27-Sep-09 15:42:28

Anyone else got ideas yet?

ramonaquimby Fri 25-Sep-09 13:33:14

hawkins bazaar sell it, or novelty aisles in bigger department stores

clumsymum Fri 25-Sep-09 13:11:19

Thanks ramon. Astronaut food a great idea, where from?

ramonaquimby Fri 25-Sep-09 13:00:57

great thread! I don't have boys grin but I get my nephews little things every now and then and things that have gone over well have been

fart putty (natch)
travel size shower gels/shampoos etc
tic tacs
astronaut food
xmas dec for tree
yorkie bars (not for girls haha)

they aren't british and think yorkie bars are fab!

clumsymum Fri 25-Sep-09 12:45:23

I stressed last year, having started too late to find those super, cheap, novelty bits to put in DS's stocking.

I've found this today, which has prompted me to start thinking about it.

Any suggestions you find for a 10 y.o. DS great, but I don't intend this just to be helpful to me.

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