stocking filler ideas

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soremummy Thu 04-Dec-08 11:52:40

Careful that its stuff they cant open/eat destroy the place with if they open before your awake. Like bubblebath with squeezy top, felt tips in case they decorate the wallpaper etc

Lizzylou Thu 04-Dec-08 11:48:23

Crayons/mini playdough tubs
Socks, vests.
Bath stuff

caykon Thu 04-Dec-08 11:47:17

definately get choc coins, and book, never thought of toothbrush, but actually my 2 would think that was a great present. Will leave the duck though as I am already fighting for space in the bath with all the toys.

soremummy Thu 04-Dec-08 11:44:54

New toothbrush
Small book

SoupDragon Thu 04-Dec-08 11:43:27

Rubber duck

SoupDragon Thu 04-Dec-08 11:42:59

chocolate coins.

caykon Thu 04-Dec-08 11:40:22

I got a stacking for my 2 dc dd 2.5 ds 1.5 and now am a bit stumped what to put in it. I have done all there main big pressies, I juat want some little bits that they can open first upstairs.

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