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MN Secret Santa - Thank you from Chicago!

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OverRated Sun 30-Dec-07 01:12:35

To the lovely mumsnetter who sent me 2 books from amazon. What a wonderful surprise - it really made my day. And (very selfish, I know) but it was sooo nice to open something that was just for me.

You have no idea how much it meant to me. It made me all weepy! I have been searching for the Thank you thread but haven't found it so I hope you see this...

I have no idea who you are but you are, well, very lovely!

Thank you soooo much smile

mamama x

MarsyChristmas Sun 30-Dec-07 01:52:05

there you go honey. I've linked you to the thread and the thread to you

OverRated Sun 30-Dec-07 02:11:18

Thank you Marslady smile

MarsyChristmas Sun 30-Dec-07 02:22:15

More than welcome honey.

And so to bed..... grin

OverRated Sun 30-Dec-07 02:46:22

Oh no, I feel awful. Sorry. It arrived yesterday. I should have posted on here then but I really couldn't. I did email LL as soon as it arrived. I'm sorry sad

lapiNewYear Sun 30-Dec-07 09:43:58

Don't feel bad! It's the joys of time-zones and postal delays smile

MarsyChristmas Sun 30-Dec-07 13:05:51

Don't feel awful honey. That takes away the joy! Besides... neither of them may have been your sender.

Your gifts arrived... you posted. It is enough. Some people don't post to say that their gifts are received just as some others don't worry about the receiver posting thanks. It's all about the joy of giving.

You to back to enjoying your pressies knowing that someone was thinking of you! grin

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