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Santasmissyontheside Mon 24-Dec-07 21:37:52

You won choccy! i will email you and get addy to send to.

it'll prob be after xmas as im so busy!!

well done

have good xmas

ChippolataMinton Mon 24-Dec-07 21:50:24

And a pat on the back for you santamissy for organising the competition . Happy Christmas grin

QueenBhannae Mon 24-Dec-07 21:51:49

Ooohh thankyou,thankyou
I would like to thank my Mother for giving birth to me, my father for having the decency to leave before I inherited his lack of christmas style,my darling children for the tireless effort they put into erecting and destroying the Christmas tree and Baby Jesus for being born thus allowing me one day of the year where I have qualified for a prize.
I thank you all for voting for me <oscar winning sobbing>

Please donate my choccie winnings Santasmissy as I am on a blardy diet (at piggin Christmas) and if it comes through my door I will shamelessly scoff it all and maybe nip a bit off the postmans finger as he gingerly pushes it through.
Thanks again,it was a fab little comp smile

Congrats to everyone as all the trees look fabulous and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas grin

<note to self-lay off the gin> hmm grin

OOOh thank you.grin How exciting!

CoffeeMad Mon 24-Dec-07 22:00:06

Just logged back on after wrapping presents - Congratulations to the winners!! Thanks Santamissy - great fun.

Merry Christmas. x

SnowMuchToBits Tue 25-Dec-07 17:53:04

Well even though I didn't win I enjoyed taking part! And my tree was looked at far more than I thought - we were expecting to go to my sister's in Aberystwyth for Christmas, but my dad (elderly, Alzheimers in care home) died on 22nd, so sister has gone to Mum in Kent, other sister and dp (who were also going to aberystwyth) have come to us. I have had to arrange Christmas here in 3 days - but we have had full Christmas dinner etc, and the tree has been well looked at. Am just a bit sad as when I was a kid my Dad would have been the one putting the (same) lights on it. They originally belonged to his aunt I think. Anyway they bring back good memories for me, but also slightly sad now.

Am hoping my 7 year old ds will have similar memories in the future. smile

Santasmissyontheside Thu 27-Dec-07 20:52:18

oh snowbits i have only just seen this!
i'm so sorry
how are you?? hope you're doing OK?

girls who won please email me addys on this email hollie novell at hotmail dot com

Santasmissyontheside Thu 27-Dec-07 20:54:57

snow much to bits seeing as QB is on diet(grin lol) you can have her choccy please email me also

babydrip Fri 28-Dec-07 10:32:30

WELL DONE TO YOU ALL!! and especailly to Santasmissyontheside!! for organising it!
Sorry didnt get round to sending our tree...took pics but didnt connect to comp as busy busy working upto and over Xmas! thats the nhs for you!! LOL!!
Hope you all had a happy christmas
(feel very sorry for you 'snowmuchtobits' how awful for you and your family darling xxx)
lots o love babydrip

JustMissyNow Sat 29-Dec-07 11:37:25

bump for the winners

PurpleLostPrincess Wed 02-Jan-08 21:00:40


Congratulations winners, this was a great comp!! Thank you to Santasmissyontheside for organising it!!

PLP xxx

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