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Christmas breakfast traditions?

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chelseamorning Fri 21-Dec-07 15:40:11

Do you have a tradition for what you eat on Christmas morning?

My parents are staying with us for the festivities and I wanted to prepare something nice for them, i.e. muffins etc.

merrylissiemas Sat 22-Dec-07 16:48:52

we will be creating our traditions this year and shall be having kedgeree for breakfast. i used to live with my friend and herfamily from 14 and her mum used to make it for xmas breakfast!

Astrophe Sat 22-Dec-07 16:57:56

growing up w always had croisants (don't know why), and now we make a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas eve, and eat it for breakfast. Kids love it - cake for breakfast makes them think its Christmas

SleighlyMadSanta Sat 22-Dec-07 17:02:31

We do bacon baps
SIL does coissants

nowbringussomeJammypudding Sat 22-Dec-07 17:30:14

Meant to say that we will be having chocolate brioche this year

MamaG Mon 24-Dec-07 17:08:00

GLAM do you want the recipe?

southeastastra Mon 24-Dec-07 17:11:54


merrylissiemas Mon 24-Dec-07 17:13:24

dh has just made kedgeree for the firsttime and its blardy lovely!

MamaG Mon 24-Dec-07 17:14:45

I love kedgeree. Never hav it for breakfast though (and yes, I kn ow it is brekkie food)

merrylissiemas Mon 24-Dec-07 17:15:54

i used to live with my friend and her familyand her mum used to make it for xmas breakfast!

YuleLoveHekateAtSolstice Mon 24-Dec-07 17:20:10

HA! You big bunch of LIARS!! grin

Salmon, bagels, champagne, pancakes, caviar, quail eggs....

You don't fool me

You dive head first into the Roses and when there's nothing left but the strawberry creams, you chomp on the mixed nuts until lunch!

salmon and champagne indeed.

This is 'My Child Does Not Have Fruit Shoots' territory........ wink

MarsyChristmas Mon 24-Dec-07 17:27:24

The kids eat all the chocolate in their stockings. We have smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with champers! grin

WeFrizYouaMerryChristmas Mon 24-Dec-07 17:28:46

salmon and eggs here smile

maximummummy Mon 24-Dec-07 17:38:26

chocolate coins and sugar mice

bonkerzaboutxmas Mon 24-Dec-07 17:38:47

DCs have asked for bacon and cheese bagels for breakfast!!! Will have to do it i suppose. Must say that we let the DCs have their stockings befoe breakfast but then nothing else till they have eaten all their breakfast!!

WideWebWitch Mon 24-Dec-07 17:41:31

I'm surprised at all these, we don't do anything special for breakfast, what ever people want so a boiled egg or bacon sandwich probably. Eww at Champagne first thing too, no way could I do it, I'd be asleep by midday even on 1 glass.

InterruptingKid Mon 09-Nov-09 09:07:03

here is one

Mybox Mon 09-Nov-09 09:09:02

Coffee cup in hand for dh & myself for the present opening. No breakfast for the kids as they're just eaten lots of chocolate from their stocking - plus no time as busy with their new things!

JuanMoreTime Thu 16-Sep-10 11:47:24


JuanMoreTime Thu 16-Sep-10 11:47:28


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