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Christmas breakfast traditions?

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chelseamorning Fri 21-Dec-07 15:40:11

Do you have a tradition for what you eat on Christmas morning?

My parents are staying with us for the festivities and I wanted to prepare something nice for them, i.e. muffins etc.

lyra41 Fri 21-Dec-07 19:31:01

warm croissants with ham and cheese freshly squeezed oj, coffee and hot choc, pain au choc if anyone wants.

chocolateshoes Fri 21-Dec-07 19:31:30

We are going to have croissants while DS opens his stocking bed all together. Then we'll go downstairs and have grilled Manx kippers! I am Manx and I love them!

FlossALumpOfPud Fri 21-Dec-07 19:32:13

DS will wait for pressies. I think hmm And DP cooks breakfast, I cook lunch. Perhaps not the most equal of deals but better than nothing!

tassisssss Fri 21-Dec-07 19:37:04

I don't really like scrambled eggs, and for some reason (like not doing sorbet for starter) I can't get my head round smoked salmon for breakfast, and as dh has to take a Christmas morning service a few hours later and I'm pregnant, there's no bucks fizz here either!

We generally have pancakes, bacon and maple syrup.

Have Nigella's muffins on Christmas Eve (or maybe tomorrow or maybe both!)

I think ds would LOVE sock's idea of having cocopops though!

LoveAngelGabriel Fri 21-Dec-07 22:42:41

No tradition, really. We always had a full fry up when I was a kid, but we ate lunch a bit later in those days. For a few years we had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Then we had just scrambled eggs & toast and a big fruit salad for the last couple of years. think we'll have that tis year, too. Oh, and champagne. Always champagne!

eidsvold Fri 21-Dec-07 22:52:52

smoked salmon, crusty bread for toast, fluffy scrambled eggs, bucks fizz. Dh cooks.

JoyeuxNoelBiggy Fri 21-Dec-07 22:57:59

When I was little it was a cup of coffee (cup of warm milk and a dash of coffee powder) and a couple of biscuits from the Rover tin. I thought that was special. When I thought I was being a fab crazy mummy the other week offering DD1 cake for breakfast on her birthday she got cross with me because she wanted Weetabix ("of course").

chatee Fri 21-Dec-07 23:13:08

the only tradition we have is that either dh or i make the breakfast and bring it upstairs to the childrens bedroom(santa leaves their stocking in the bedroom-main pressies are downstairs in the lounge)so they at least eat some breakfast amongst all the excitement and then we all get dressed and go downstairs together to open other pressies(learnt the hard way- with pics of me in my nightie and dd opening pressies- not nice)
i hope mil appreciates our tradition this yeargrin

SueW Fri 21-Dec-07 23:26:27

Stewed tomatoes on toast. (DH brought it with him from NZ)

Champagne/Buck's Fizz/OJ as appropriate/requested.

RosaLuxMundi Sat 22-Dec-07 00:33:18

Nigella Christmas muffins is my tradition (albeit only six or seven years of it so far) and croissants and champagne. We wait till my Mum comes back from Christmas mass and then make a two-hour ceremony of brunch and present opening. Then I do Christmas 'lunch' for about 4pm and voila - only two meals to do.

PurpleTinselPrincess Sat 22-Dec-07 01:00:01

We have nutella on thick toast with lashings of melted butter - yummy! I've done it for years - my mum still puts a jar of nutella in my stocking bless her! We've carried on the tradition years later...

EffiePerine Sat 22-Dec-07 03:36:04

Champagne. I really like the sound of COV's smoked salmon doodahs so will try those this year (usually eggs and bacon)

Merrydian Sat 22-Dec-07 09:09:18

I make pancakes with maple cured bacon ( or that lovely trecle bacon from waitrose) dh makes the coffee, that is if I can drag him away from gorging himself on chocolates for a few minutes. grin

FrannyandZooey Sat 22-Dec-07 09:11:34

croissants and pastries, fruit - the nicest fruit we can find, usually stupid things like sharan fruit chosen by ds that we don't know how to prepare

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FrannyandZooey Sat 22-Dec-07 09:14:37

I love sockmonkey for confessing they have REAL cocopops

Boredveryverybored Sat 22-Dec-07 09:18:22

Croissants and Bucks Fizz here too grin

BJB21 Sat 22-Dec-07 09:22:28

cooked brekky (veggie for me) and bucks fizz.And usually a selection box or half a jar of Quality Street or the like!

Have it early so still hungry for lunch, especially after all the alcohol ive drank by then, builds up an appetite!

dizzyblonde Sat 22-Dec-07 09:36:51

We always have kegeree and bucks fizz. I make the kedgeree on Christmas Eve and heat up in the microwave in the morning. Only one bowl each to wash up

Alambil Sat 22-Dec-07 10:12:53

We have museli and croissants for breakfast

ChippolataMinton Sat 22-Dec-07 10:28:32

terrys chocolate orange juice
jelly tots
cinnamon bagels & nutella

WewishyouaBUMPERLICIOUS Sat 22-Dec-07 10:48:45

Just looked up the recipe for nigella's muffins. are they really that good? convince me before i go out and brave the shops to get the ingredients!

Waswondering Sat 22-Dec-07 16:24:39

I like them and I know someone who makes them without the dried cranberries to good effect. They smell lovely!! HTH

Feeling a bit panicky that I've not done my food shop yet - tell me it'll be ok . . .

pinetreedog Sat 22-Dec-07 16:29:30

fruit salad

plus all edible stocking fillers

sleepdeprivationandme Sat 22-Dec-07 16:33:58

A selection box!

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