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Christmas breakfast traditions?

(94 Posts)
chelseamorning Fri 21-Dec-07 15:40:11

Do you have a tradition for what you eat on Christmas morning?

My parents are staying with us for the festivities and I wanted to prepare something nice for them, i.e. muffins etc.

MamaG Fri 21-Dec-07 17:10:54

giz us some of your stollen, J-No

JackieNoel Fri 21-Dec-07 17:11:27

Not a chance, MamaG - it's mine, all minegrin.

FlossALumpOfPud Fri 21-Dec-07 17:17:39

DP is 1/4 polish, so we have polish garlic sausage in scrambled egg. That is his family tradition. However, ours was scrambled eggs and bucks fizz, so we have a bottle of that too. I really think the two family traditions work well together! grin

oxocube Fri 21-Dec-07 17:25:56

Oh God, tea, toast and Marmite or jam here blush. How can you all eat Christmas lunch after eggs and bacon and muffins and stollen ............ plus its just not worth it as my kids prefer to stuff an entire selection box down their necks as quickly as possible before 9am!!

Actually, am so envy of all these lovely traditions, just not worth it in my house!

MamaG Fri 21-Dec-07 17:28:03

we never end up eating christmas lunch before 2

AllChristmassedOut Fri 21-Dec-07 17:30:18

Panettone followed by warm bread rolls with oodles of butter.

ComeOVenReadyturkey Fri 21-Dec-07 17:45:56

Breakfast is around 8am as the children get up hideously early and we have lunch 2-2.30pm so need a decent size breakfast to keep us going and help soak up any booze wink.

HonoriaGlossop Fri 21-Dec-07 17:46:06

We will have croissants/pain chocolat for brekkie with bucks fizz....salmon fillets and potato salad for lunch, and proper christmas dinner at about 6pm.....

oh well it is a time of feasting grin

wheelybahhumbug Fri 21-Dec-07 17:54:10

We don't have christmas 'lunch' until about 5 so need a good breakfast !

wildwoman Fri 21-Dec-07 17:56:09

smoked salmon and scambled eggs and bucks fizz, can't wait!

nutcracker Fri 21-Dec-07 17:56:53

How do you all find time to do anything other than a normal breakfast ??

I will be trying to supervise the dc opening their pressies, work the camcorder and worry about the turkey.

GLAMpresentsforMAMAplease Fri 21-Dec-07 17:58:41

MamaG Your Christmas muffins sound good. Where did you get the recipe? Or is it a closely guarded family secret?

EmMcK Fri 21-Dec-07 18:00:56

Banana pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. And bubbles................

PeachyHasAFiggyPudInTheOven Fri 21-Dec-07 18:03:07

Dad normally insists on a huge breakfast but this year we've managed to get out of the fry up by using pregnancy as an excuse- can't eat big amounts and would hate to miss lunch. So a bacon sarnie I suspect.

if we were here it would be croissants, pain au chocolat etc.

Bucks Fizz always included for the non pg ones however.

wheelybahhumbug Fri 21-Dec-07 18:03:59

Nutcracker - stockings will be done in bed and then everyone will get dressed and we will have a nice breakfast and then we will go into the sitting room and open pressies under the tree. I would say we can get away with it as dd is not quite 3 but thats how we did it as children and we coped (actually it built up the excitement as Mum and Dad would have put the pressies out after we'd gone to bed and then the door would be shut and not opened until after breakfast).

As we don't eat the main meal until 5 ish there is plenty of time to worry about the turkey !

PeachyHasAFiggyPudInTheOven Fri 21-Dec-07 18:05:13

Nigellas christmas muffins are supposed to be good aren't they?
can't have dairy and they inevitably have milk in (but don't actually like muffins anyway)

Indith Fri 21-Dec-07 18:12:56

We started our own tradition last year (first christmas living together) with waffles (belgian style not birdseye potato) and intend to carry it on this year!

unknownrebelbang Fri 21-Dec-07 19:05:46

Croissants and buckz fizz.

SantaGotStuckUpTheGreensleeve Fri 21-Dec-07 19:10:05

bagels ming

Madoldcatlady Fri 21-Dec-07 19:14:10

Selection Box!grin

GreatGlowingMerrily Fri 21-Dec-07 19:14:21

We have pancakes grin

ja9ladiesdancing Fri 21-Dec-07 19:23:01

like many others here srambled eggs with smoked salmon and croissants, and bucks fizz. yum yum!

Waswondering Fri 21-Dec-07 19:23:14

I like Nigella's muffins too.

Don't really have a tradition but have had those before on Christmas morning and they are ace.

oxocube Fri 21-Dec-07 19:27:18

Santa, bagels are yum grin. Have just scoffed some for supper with cream cheese and tapenade But couldn't do them for breakfast on Christmas morning. We eat at 2ish but if I ate loads at breakfast, I would never get round to cooking the turkey. I am notorious for not cooking if I'm not hungry !!

oxocube Fri 21-Dec-07 19:29:07

Actually, if I scoffed at breakfast, I would end up ringing Domino's for lunch which I suspect wouldn't go down very well with the kids!

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