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TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 13:29:38

For reasons explained in the old thread here, please can we use this one now? Thank you smile

hogwarts Sat 19-Jan-08 09:02:37

Found the Christmas Thread - I think!!

Not sure really where to put this as the Christmas Thank you thread seems to have gone?

ANyway, this morning I got a parcel from Berlin, with a baby carrier in in, so thank you very very much to the secret santa who sent it addressed to MUM NETTEr, in N Ireland.

This is my 3rd package and I am truely overwhelmed. Thanks

If there is a current thank you thread and I just can find it sorry!!

MysonsmummysSecretSanta Sun 06-Jan-08 19:42:01

Mysonsmummy if you are still checking this thread I am really sorry your package didn't get to you. I am v angry with the farking post office!

dh is going to try and find the proof of postage and we will chase it up. watch this space!

bossybritches Fri 04-Jan-08 18:59:07


"I'd like to teeeeach the world to siiiing...."

oh is this not the kareoke thread?? blush

FlameNFurter Fri 04-Jan-08 18:10:58

Ooh courier collected again today

littlelapin Fri 04-Jan-08 17:55:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FlameNFurter Fri 04-Jan-08 17:29:47


Sorry for being snappish

bossybritches Fri 04-Jan-08 17:10:51

Happy New Year Wabbit!!

fireflyfairy2 Fri 04-Jan-08 16:17:19

Oh, no thanks LL, she has posted saying she got it before Christmas When I emailed you I was just worrying, but she posted just after I sent that email in Dec

All's well

littlelapin Fri 04-Jan-08 15:28:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapin Fri 04-Jan-08 15:09:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ready Fri 04-Jan-08 13:07:57

xmasfortunecookie Fri 04-Jan-08 13:03:38

Let it go. This is a nasty, damaging thread, twisted far out of reality & has caused too much hurt. No more, please.

fireflyfairy2 Fri 04-Jan-08 12:58:38

Yes, Newtownards is in NI

LadyOfTheFlowers Fri 04-Jan-08 12:36:39

Fark what you lot are on about..... K8M!!!
Are you in N.Ireland?
If yes, I am so glad you got the table thing! Tis jolly good, my little boys love theirs!

I didn't do recorded delivery as I am a nob and was worried it may have gotten lost. Did it arrive in time for Crimble?

bossybritches Fri 04-Jan-08 12:26:23

Xfc please stop NOW

You have succeeded in not only upsetting LLapin & many others but probably your recipient too by detailing how DIFFICULT it was for you to do all these things and how MUCH it cost you.

Hardly the spirit of Christmas is it to keep dragging this up-if you feel that strongly start another thread!!!

FlameNFurter Fri 04-Jan-08 12:22:30

I want to let the thread die, but I am sooooo angry

How dare you imply that FFF2 is the one with the problem?

You didn't get a thank you right away, so you asked on the thread and emailed LL.

But then you didn't stop and wait - you kept bleating on about a lack of thanks.

Lots of us sent and didn't hear. The LL had to deal with the emails flooding at her with "did X get my parcel?" "Can I have Y's surname please?" "is her house hard to find?", and that is just my emails about one person - multiply that just by 50 (not even 1/2 the recipients).

Things get lost. LL did answer you, and was perfectly polite about it although she could well have turned round and told you to stop whinging.

This thing is a magical thing that happens - strangers give to other strangers, some lots, some just a little, but it is all done to make other people's christmas better.

It isn't meant to be about thanks, it is about knowing YOU have done something nice.

xmasfortunecookie Fri 04-Jan-08 12:05:39

Why would I need to? Isn't it perfectly clear?

fireflyfairy2 Fri 04-Jan-08 11:54:53

Would you care to explain your latest post?

xmasfortunecookie Fri 04-Jan-08 11:41:52

How could any sane individual doubt the integrity of MN as a community with a post such as this latest by firefairyfly?

fireflyfairy2 Fri 04-Jan-08 10:26:10

There's always one.

One drunk in the room.

One person to say dinner was rubbish when 20 others said it was fine.

One person not to enjoy the film..

ONE person to get all personal on a thread & tarnish it for others'......

I think you should be ashamed of yourself actually. Coming on here & mouthing off.. we all donated goods/bought new things... we all scanned the thread to see if our items had been received. FWIW I emailed too, as I was panicking incase my goods werern't received.. I didn't get a reply but I just assumed LL was busy, what with it being CHRISTMAS & all... hmm

I think to come on here & make a big song & dance is way out of order & perhaps you are right when you say you won't take part next year.. anyone who receives your gifts will want to be grovelling on bare knees to make sure you are properly acknowledged.

How dare you say you doubt the integrity of mn as a community? Haven't you been here very long then? Haven't you seen how supportive & kind MNers are to people in need of help... in other words can't you see why the Christmas appeal was set up in the first place?

I think you owe LL an apology, she has given up her free time to sort all this out, time which I'm sure could have been better spent playing with her family, or doing paid work..... but she chose to do this, to cheer up those who had a shit year, to put a smile on a little child's face and for that to be called into doubt is a disgrace.

GreebosWhiskers Fri 04-Jan-08 10:01:03

xmasfortunecookie I didn't notice LL being defensive but if she was it might have been your tone that caused it.

I sent 3 parcels to 2 different households & got a beautiful card posted back as one of the MNetters can't get on the PC at the mo. I have heard nothing from the other but guess what? I don't mind. I know it was received as it was sent recorded but I just enjoyed sending the stuff (& it wasn't cheap to post either btw) & figure that anyone with kids is going to have much more pressing things to deal with than rushing to thank me.

Assuming I'm in a position to then I'll definitely be doing this again next xmas (if LL or anyone else is brave enough to co-ordinate it).

I think LL desrves a medal, not grief, & you should be doing this in private via email instead of souring this thread.

stickyj Fri 04-Jan-08 10:00:35

LL has not been defensive, she's just answered your queries. I think that this should die down now, before the whole sentiment gets lost. sad You can bet she won't volunteer next year. Perhaps you could offer or we could start collecting names now for the mammoth task(unpaid!) of making Christmas just a bit special for some

xmasfortunecookie Fri 04-Jan-08 09:37:59

WHY should I keep my disappointment to myself? Is even a simple bloody acknowledgement of gifts received too bloody much to ask? For God's sake, I gathered all these toys, boxed them, took them to the post office here in Switzerland, found out it would cost me less to buy new toys on amazon than to send used toys by post. So I asked LL to ask the mum to make up a wish list & post it on amazon. I then ordered the toys & had them sent. It was a bit of a nuisance having boxed our toys, wrapped them, etc but I was delighted if it made life easier for another family.

I don't want a bloody medal but at least a thank you would have been well appreciated. And although thanks has now been given, meanwhile I've been subjected to all sorts of criticism & grief from other MNers for daring to mention my disappointment.

How can you blame me for never wanting to go through this charade again? I'm not rich but I have enough to be able to help someone less fortunate & I'm very glad to do so. But the defensive behavior of LL & the nasty comments of others has made me doubt the integrity of MN as a community. And if you tell me to get stuffed, fine!

Squiffy Fri 04-Jan-08 09:21:53

LL You've done a fantastic job and I know it must have taken over your life at times and prevented you from having a relaxing christmas yourself. I am so sad on your behalf that you are getting stick on here.

I can assure you that for 99% of givers, putting those parcels together and taking them to the post office was one of the highlights of xmas for us - it is so rare to be able to feel truly good about yourself and thanks to your hard work, so many of us had those moments. And I am sure 99% of us who sent parcels have checked on this site to see if our presents arrived, and I am sure some of us have been deflated if responses are delayed or lacking. To come on here and complain about it however is somewhat beyond the pale.

Fortune I am sorry you didn't receive your thankyou, but please keep your disappointment to yourself. Last time I heard LL didn't sign some contract promising to set up a returns, refunds and customer service department. LL deserves a round of applause (bunch of flowers, box of chocolates, bottle of champagne), not a hard time.

I think an apology is in order.

littlelapin Thu 03-Jan-08 20:55:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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