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TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 13:29:38

For reasons explained in the old thread here, please can we use this one now? Thank you smile

noelmum Tue 18-Dec-07 11:07:52

i'm so glad this was done again this year. i was watching the thread last year although i didnt take part. i think its fantastic the amount of people on here who actually have hearts and thought i would post my comment to say a very big well done to all of you for helping people who wouldnt otherwise enjoy this wonderful season and giving them a chance to have fun. you should all be very proud of yourselves for spreading so much festive cheer to those who need it most. xxxxx

needmorecoffee Tue 18-Dec-07 11:52:52

Just want to thank whoever sent dd and me pressies. No idea who they were from.

mumofmonSTARsOfBethlehem Tue 18-Dec-07 13:16:13

SneezingSlothSlurpingBroth, i just opened the other presents (couldn't wait and they kept telling me to wink) shock Thank you SO much!

AM a very happy MoM now

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Tue 18-Dec-07 13:26:48

<slaps MoM's wrists whilst looking inquisitively>

mumofmonSTARsOfBethlehem Tue 18-Dec-07 13:36:04

but they were for meee and i was blue

<rubs wrist>

Miaou Tue 18-Dec-07 13:49:29

needmorecoffee - can you give some more details so that your givee can identify their presents and therefore know they have arrived safely? Eg if you know what the present is, or if they are wrapped, then maybe what the gift tag says, or what the paper looks like?


NAB3littlemonkeys Tue 18-Dec-07 13:53:08

THANK YOU so very much for the lovely, kind, generous, thoughtful person (from Peterborough) who has sent me a £15 M&S gift card. You have no idea how I was when I opened it and how it has really made my day after a really hard night and morning. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I hope to be able to be a giver next year.

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Tue 18-Dec-07 14:45:06

Bah. i will forgive you this time MoM

NAB - grin Not from me, but you sound soooo low on your threads lately, I'm all chirpy for you

TenLordsaLapin Tue 18-Dec-07 14:48:58

SQUONK yes she has, thank you very much smile

TenLordsaLapin Tue 18-Dec-07 14:56:19

pollyanna - not yet but apparently the post in Scotland is slow as treacle at the moment

TheHollyandMcDreamy Tue 18-Dec-07 14:59:43

You're welcome mustrun wink Merry Christmas xxx

SquonkaClaus Tue 18-Dec-07 15:07:57

LL - good, glad it was received. Sorry that it couldn't have been more. smile

Miaou Tue 18-Dec-07 15:20:27

Ooooh I'll second that about the post up here, LL - someone sent me some forms for dd1 for her Christmas present at the same time as sending some stuff to England - my package took more than a week longer to arrive than the England ones!

(very badly worded post but YKWIM!)

DanJARMouse Tue 18-Dec-07 16:05:13

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to whoever has just sent me a massive box of goodies for the children and me! There was LOADS of clothes, which are going to come in very handy, along with some lovely books - especially like the sing along christmas carol book!
Thank you also for the bath stuff for me, cant wait to jump in the bath after christmas now (DH is wrapping them up so I have something under the tree!)

Much appreciated, and the picture from "Abigail" has gone down very well with Jessica - she has adopted it as her own!


NAB3littlemonkeys Tue 18-Dec-07 16:32:05

THANK YOU so very much for the lovely, kind, generous, thoughtful person (from Peterborough) who has sent me a £15 M&S gift card. You have no idea how I was when I opened it and how it has really made my day after a really hard night and morning. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I hope to be able to be a giver next year.

It was meant to say how shocked I was...

TequilaMockinBird Tue 18-Dec-07 17:30:48

omg shock I have just received some more vouchers in the post!

Thank you so much Frances, it really means so much - in fact I'm in tears here as I type this. I cant believe how kind people are, I have only been on MN since April this year and spend most of my time lurking tbh! I'm so overwhelmed with emotion, I have never before known such generosity from people who don't even 'know' me IYKWIM!

Anyway, I'm so so over the moon that I can now treat myself and dd to some lovely things for christmas - and its all thanks to mumsnet. Thank you!


merrylissiemas Tue 18-Dec-07 17:40:50

Nikki, thank you so so much for the box of goodies just for me. it was so lovely and made me cry. im so overwhelmed and dont know what to say. thank you, thank you, thank you xxxx

merrylissiemas Tue 18-Dec-07 17:43:08

and the duvet shoes and hotwater bottkle will come in very handy (cold house)

will use the journal to keep a record of our appointments at LWH and how im feeling throughout the process, to be given to any child we may have as a result. thank you x

snowfunwhenyoureknackered Tue 18-Dec-07 18:19:26


I don't know how to write this. I picked up your parcel this morning and I was just totally overcome. You have been so generous and thoughtful, I'm just at a loss of how to say thank you. Your letter to me was so special, I'm going to keep it in my purse and re read it when I feel I'm doing it all wrong

Thanks you so so much, I so appreciate everything from the bottom of my heart

I hope you and all of your family have a really wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year

ssd x x x

charliecat Tue 18-Dec-07 18:20:51

A late thank you from me for the christmassy socks and the necklaces and the makeup things. Much Appreciated and am going to put them in the girls stockings

merrylissiemas Tue 18-Dec-07 18:53:56

and theyoungvisiturkey, yes there was! ds has insisted on watching mr men all day. thank you so, so much. sorry my message was so brief. ds was trying to close the laptop blush

dividedselfridgesxmaswindow Tue 18-Dec-07 19:50:12

Thank you so much to the lovely anonymous mumsnetter who sent me a Woolworths gift card that arrived today.

I had a Woolworths wish list in my head with little hope of getting anything for the dc from it but now I can!

sarahkempy Tue 18-Dec-07 20:16:45

I recieved a massive box of things today addressed to Mrs M Netter lol!

Thank you so much I could not believe it there were lots of clothes for my little girl including a gorgeous dress and cardi so perfect for Christmas. Also a fimbles bathset that I'm sure she will love as she really enjoys the bath. Chocolates for me that I am going to try really hard to keep until Christmas.

The card said sorry for being late - there's no need to be sorry! Really cannot say thank you enough. Hope things are less crazy for you now. Merry Christmas and THANK YOU [FSMILE] XXX

inamerrymuckingfuddle Tue 18-Dec-07 20:35:38

nemo, just saw your post on the other thread, you are very very welcome I'm just sorry it wasn't more exciting blush

SarahKempySecretSanta Tue 18-Dec-07 20:51:47

Hi Sarah, I'm so pleased the box arrived so quickly and that you like what I was able to send.

The beautiful dress and cardy were part of a gift box I recieved last year.

Hope you don't mind but it's so pretty and my dd has outgrown it now.

Enjoy the chocs whenever you feel like it. I got some delicious chocs in my box and they were scoffed immediately!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas, I know mine has been enriched by being both a giver and reciever.


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