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TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 13:29:38

For reasons explained in the old thread here, please can we use this one now? Thank you smile

Miaou Mon 17-Dec-07 19:40:20

MorePresentsForMiaou - don't worry! Your gifts are so lovely and thoughtful and you are really kind to think of us(and ds1 won't notice anyway winkgrin)

wangle99 Mon 17-Dec-07 19:46:56

I sent two parcels over a week ago and haven't seen anyone say they have arrived sad really hoping they didn't get lost as DS didn't insure them or track them grr

I did put my user name on the Christmas card enclosed....

Miaou Mon 17-Dec-07 19:48:31

LittleLapin - sorry to bug you, but can you tell if my two recipients have got their gifts? I can't see any messages on here within the relevant timeframes IYSWIM smile

ShrinkingVioLetterstoSanta Mon 17-Dec-07 19:54:08

do you know if mine arrived (DH didn't sort out tracking - grr)? Ta.

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 20:17:14

Miaou, one of yours has posted on the other thread but I don't know if she is thanking you... the other hasn't been on MN for ages. Wangle, similar situation for you.

I will happily email recipients - please can I ask that you all email me on if you are concerned, I need to do some actual work hmm wink and am going to try to stay off MN and it's distractions! <curses the Christmas Mumsnet Thread and the Impossible Quiz!>

tribpot Mon 17-Dec-07 20:29:37

Thank you to the lovely Mumsnetter who sent me some clothes for ds (2.5), a Mr Potato Head (pirate stylee) and some choccy biccies. The biccies are coming with me to the office as ds and dh are wheat intolerant but I didn't tell Lapin that grin

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 20:31:36

Oh, and if you do email me about a missing package, please can you give me some clues as to what is in it!

HarkTheHassledAngelsSing Mon 17-Dec-07 20:36:45

Did anyone in Scotland get a ELC gift voucher/card thingy OK?

wangle99 Mon 17-Dec-07 20:38:48

tribpot its such a shame you didn't say about wheat intolerance as my DS is also wheat intolerant and am well versed in all such foods!

Miaou Mon 17-Dec-07 20:40:13

LL, the one who has posted isn't thanking me as I hadn't sent mine at that point! No hurry, just would be sad if they got lost in the post.

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 20:41:57

I have emailed everyone who anyone has queried, either on the threads or via emails. Will let you know - via email probably - ASAP.

Now I really MUST do some work, please do email me if you have queries, I will be checking it.

laughalotsofpresents Mon 17-Dec-07 21:57:59

Just wanted to know if someone in essex received some pj,s for dd and a set of disney pixar car stickers and a book for ds ?

harman Mon 17-Dec-07 22:07:07

Message withdrawn

harman Mon 17-Dec-07 22:07:43

Message withdrawn

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 23:17:03

hi all, i have no internet thanks to bloody virgin media. Am posting from my phone! But can't really use email etc so if you've mailed me and don't get a reply, don't panic! Typical, I'm supposed to be working hmm

LadyOfWassail Mon 17-Dec-07 23:24:15

I think I have received another parcel but it's at the PO and as it's addressed to mum or mumsnetter I am not sure how I can provide proof to collect it... but I am sure it'll be ok. Thankyou so so so so soooo much my senders, it's cheered me up beyond words this Christmas. {{{{HUGS}}}}} and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx's smile xxx

MarsyChristmas Tue 18-Dec-07 00:09:35

Fill in the "permission to collect for someone else" or whatever it's called bit, then go collect! grin

mummyhill Tue 18-Dec-07 07:47:33

Hope you get the problem with virgin media sorted. I am waiting to see if they cut ours off tomorrow which would be daft as we told them we will pay them when dh gets paid on Thursday.

TenLordsaLapin Tue 18-Dec-07 08:24:14

Fingers crossed for you mummyhill smile

LoW, I spoke to the Post Office before we started this, and they said in cases where it's clearly not your name on the package - ie Mumsnetter of the House, or "My FluffySnugglebum" wink - you just have to bring proof of address.

pollyannainexcelsis Tue 18-Dec-07 08:58:33

LittleLapin, do you know if my recipient has received her parcel yet?

TenLordsaLapin Tue 18-Dec-07 09:04:41

pollyanna, I have emailed to ask.

Everyone, please can I reiterate this:

I will happily email recipients - please can I ask that you all email me on if you are concerned, I need to do some actual work hmm wink and am going to try to stay off MN and its distractions!

Please include some details of the contents of your gift, so I know what I am looking for.

It's MUCH easier for me if you email me rather than post on here (plus you can give me more details! wink)

Thanks smile

Thankssecretsantassecretsanta Tue 18-Dec-07 09:08:57

Thankssecretsanta on t'other thread - think you were definitely my recipient !

Glad they all arrived ok and were suitable. I don't have boys but I do know a few, so glad the books were appropriate !

tribpot Tue 18-Dec-07 09:27:45

wangle99 - thanks again, funny that we both have wheat intolerant little monkeys!

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Tue 18-Dec-07 09:55:27

shock WORK?!?!?

christmasshoptilidrop Tue 18-Dec-07 10:23:02

thank you very much for the christmas present. It was posted direct to me from bookers?

I have left it wrapped and it will go under my tree for me.

thank you

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