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TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 13:29:38

For reasons explained in the old thread here, please can we use this one now? Thank you smile

Saturn74 Mon 17-Dec-07 13:31:26

Ooh, I preferred the old title! wink

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 13:34:41

I know, it was prettier, but you can imagine what a pain that must be!

DanJARMouse Mon 17-Dec-07 13:37:19


Thank you for the parcel of goodies you sent to us.

Very much appreciated. Appologies fro not posting on here sooner, am not on MN much what with the boy! (except to do a daily update on the BFing thread!)

snowfunwhenyoureknackered Mon 17-Dec-07 14:59:39

tiredemma, please see the old thread for my post thanking you for the lovely parcel!

I hope you get to see it, I'd hate for you to think I hadn't received your generous gifts


ssd x x x

LadyOfTheHollyAndTheIvy Mon 17-Dec-07 16:35:22

Did anyone get a Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Activity Table thing?
I posted it on Thursday. Maybe am being a little premature? hmm
It had a long way to go.

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 16:46:33

LadyOTHATI, I will probably get an email about yours, she's very rarely on MN at the moment... I'll post if/when I hear

thankyoooooo Mon 17-Dec-07 16:51:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SquonkaClaus Mon 17-Dec-07 16:56:45

lapin - do you know if my donee received the vouchers yet? It's been over a week since I posted them?

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 17:06:26

I'll email her Squonk but I know she's moving house (don't worry, deliveries going to a reliable address) and she hasn't been on MN for a few weeks

SpacecadetLovesChristmas Mon 17-Dec-07 17:11:08

lapin, do you know if 2 of my receivers have ahd their stuff, I posted them a week ago

mummyhill Mon 17-Dec-07 17:43:56

Lapin not yet lost my interwebconection am hoping that this means that they are having a christmas amnesty, will be able to pay them on thursday any way.

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 17:48:39

Sorry SC, I thought I had replied to you. I've emailed them to ask.

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Mon 17-Dec-07 17:55:34

grin Thankyou Raggydoll (now I know who you were thought I would do another thanks)

SPACEY!!!! Was askin after you the other day - how's things? I neverr seem to get the chance to hunt you down on msn anymore

Paddlechick666 Mon 17-Dec-07 17:59:42

well, I'd just like to thank my 2 givers again. your M&S vouchers were used today when I managed to get to the shops. thank you thank you thank you!

i am incredibly relieved to also say i have managed to post my 2 boxes so huge apologies to anyone who's still waiting for a box. you won't know it's me lol, but you should have something by the end of the week.

WhenScoobyGotStuckUpTheChimney Mon 17-Dec-07 18:07:50

Lapin did you find out if my parcel had arrived? smile

Staceym11PipersPiping Mon 17-Dec-07 18:14:55

THank you thank you thank you to the Faulkner familyfor the parcels with the lovely wrapped gifts. i carefully unwrapped and re-wrapped once i found out who they were for! they are brill, dd will love the princess doll and ds will really like the diggers and trucks book! grin

thank you so much for the boots voucher too i shall think about what to get for myself for xmas with it!

thank you!!!!!!!

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 18:17:50

I emailed but didn't get a reply - I;ll try again.

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Mon 17-Dec-07 18:27:44

Oh wabbit - I sorted my problem wink

Jas Mon 17-Dec-07 18:28:55

I got all excited thinking CliffRichardSucksEggsInHell had outed herself as my donor, only to be told otherwise in the next pots. Oh, well. I would love to know who you are (very nosey face)so I can thank you againsmile

SelfishMrsClaus Mon 17-Dec-07 18:32:51

Mine will be posted a week tomorrow, so I hope they will arrive soon If not then I have a receipt here, it was sent parcel force so it couldn't be sent recorded (according to the lady at the PO)

SelfishMrsClaus Mon 17-Dec-07 18:34:49

Very badly structured first sentence there!! I meant mine will have been posted a week tomorrow! blush

Miaou Mon 17-Dec-07 18:41:04

Two thank yous today!!

KIF - thank you so much for thinking of me and my little ds2 - the little activity arch is just super - and something I don't have and wondered about getting for him, so a perfect gift! And I can't wait to open the two little pressies for me - which look and feel suspiciously like chocolate and a bath bomb ... grin Thank you!

And secondly - Thank you so much to K E from London (you know who you are grin) - what a fabulous parcel!!! I am going to have the most fabby pair of socks by the end of January, and the dds will have a lovely pair of cross-stitch pictures for their rooms! Not to mention the gorgeous choccy and the wonderful book by MrMiaou's favourite cook (how did you know????) grin I am going to wrap them up for Christmas day and get the pleasure all over again!! grin

MorePresentsForMiaou Mon 17-Dec-07 18:52:43

Miaou, you are most welcome, you know that grin
Glad the parcel is such a hit but am kicking myself for not putting in a little something for ds1, I am ever so sorry blush. I meant to, but was in a parcel frenzy at the time and he got missed out

SpacecadetLovesChristmas Mon 17-Dec-07 19:26:59

Thanks Lapin

Flame- have been soo busy..but found myself drawn back to MN again!grin

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