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What is your Christmas Day routine?

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Sparkler Sun 16-Dec-07 10:15:04

- Get woken up very early by very excited dds.
- Sit in bed and open stockings together.
- All go downstairs in PJs and have breakfast.
- Get dressed.
- Open presents under tree.
- DH and I get dinner cooking while DDs play with new things.
- Pick up grandparents to come to our home for dinner.
- Open more presents.
- Dinner about 3pm.
- Crash on sofa, full of food and unable to move!! smile
- Drink.
- Start eating again about 7pm with lots of drink.
- Watch TV or play game.

I was surprised talking to one mum at school the other day. She told me her family wake up. Get dressed. Have huge cooked breakfast. Open stockings. Have dinner. Then they open the presents under the tree. shock My dds wouldn't be able to wait until after dinner to open all their presents (don't think I could either wink }

Love Sparkler.

tiredemma Sun 16-Dec-07 10:20:02

Xmas Eve - Drive to inlaws in HEreford ( about 3pm).
Have dinner, dp goes out for a drink with BIL.
Me and MIL bath boys, watch a DVD - drink wine and have nibbles.
Boys go to bed- we watch a film or TV

XMAS morning- Boys come into us with their stockings and we open these in the bedroom.
Get up- All open pressies in the sitting room with the fire roaring.
Get dressed- Have a lovely brekkie.

About 11am Drive out to MIl's sisters beautiful big house in the middle of nowhere - have Xmas 'brunch'- open more pressies, go for a walk in country lanes.

about 3pm return to Inlaws- relax - help mil prepare and cook dinner- which we have about 6pm.

I love christmas!

pollyannainexcelsis Sun 16-Dec-07 10:25:03

get up at about 6ish I should think.

Open stockings (but not presents under tree). Have cereal.

Get dressed.

Go to church (10.30)

Come back at 12- have bacon sandwiches and champagne/bucks fizz and croissants and then we open presents under tree.

Cook all morning and drink more champagne, and gin.

Eat lunch at 3.30 ish.

Tidy up, maybe sit down to film at 4ish - but last year we didn't watch tv until evening I think.

7ish children to bed, then start eating trifle and drinking more.

feel sick


Sparkler Sun 16-Dec-07 16:03:42

lol @ feel sick smile

Weegle Sun 16-Dec-07 16:14:09

get up, stockings in bed

breakfast with all the family - cousins, GP's great-GP's (14 in all, we're all staying in the same house!)

church for those who want, dinner preps for those who don't

drinks, nibbles and a few under-the-tree pressies for the kiddies



playing and mayhem


family games

kids to bed

drinking and board games


LOVE Christmas smile

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Sun 16-Dec-07 16:18:10

Mine is new this year, so we are going to get up when the dc's wake up and have opened their stockings.
About 9ish Go round to PIL for christmas breakfast and to do present giving there.
Come back home about 11, get dinner on.
Have starter at 1ish, then main course about 2ish, then pudding about 3ish.
Then chill out!
Not sure when we are going to do dc's tree presents yet.

SleighlyMadSanta Sun 16-Dec-07 16:23:37

Up when DTDs dictate - usually 6:30-8ish

Open pressies

Bacon butties for brunch

Assemble peices of plastic

Fight with little plastic wire things

Tell DD3 (18m) "no that is DTDs" 30,000 times

Lunch about 2pm

Try and convince DDs they can play alone for an hour whilst we rest

Christmas pud about 5

Doss around lookng exhausted until DDs go to bed

Play with DDs new toys

Crash on the sofa with alcohol and crap telly.

AMerryScot Sun 16-Dec-07 16:28:43

In our house, we have to drag everyone up by 9am. They have breakfast, and then we do presents. We open presents one-by-one while everyone ooos and aaahs.

We go to church for 11am, and are back home by 12.30. I put in the turkey (fast Nigella method) and whatever else needs doing (all prepared on Christmas Eve), then we have a very light, snacky lunch. The aim is to sit down after The Queen.

Everything is fairly quiet and laid back.

unknownrebelbang Sun 16-Dec-07 16:29:26

Depends on whether DH is working or not, tbh.

We tend to open our pressies in the morning, but if we go to church on Christmas Day (rather than Midnight Mass) the boys wait until we get home before opening them (for some odd reason they've never woken early on Christmas Day).

If DH is at work, they will open some in the morning, but always save something for when he gets home.

WhenScoobyGotStuckUpTheChimney Sun 16-Dec-07 16:32:10

Wake up whenever the children wake us probably about 7am, get dp to make tea/coffee for in bed, sit in our bed & open there stockings, ds loves this.

Get up in pj's.

Make breakfast for kids.

Open presents under tree.

My mum will be over around this time & no doubt 1 of my sisters.

Eat some snacks/nibbles.

Dp will put the meat on & sort dinner.

Do present swapping with Family members.

Maybe pop out to other sisters house for an hour..

Eat christtmas dinner, have a drink about 3pm.

Watch Tv, eat nibbles.

Sort kids with baths/snack/drink before bed.

dd goes to bed, we eat some more, drink some more, play games, watch tv.

We can't move, feel ill and swear we won't eat another thing again, till ermmm about 10 minutes later grin

CharleeSawMummyKissingSanta Sun 16-Dec-07 16:35:42

Wake Up - 6-7am
Make cuppa and do essentials (change nappies, medicines)
Open pressies.

Dinner preped on xmas eve so just turn it on.

Play with toys, entertain mum and nan.

\Have dinner about 1-2pm
Crash on sofa, rellies go home, kids play.

5-6pm eat a buffet style dinner.

Kids bathed then bed.

Clean up and crash for me and dp.

Myrrhcy Sun 16-Dec-07 17:07:06

Tiredemma, that sounds lovely.

We don't really have a routine - we kind of with the flow (as dictated by the dc). It's mainly for them after all.

There is one thing that happens year in year out though. Lunch is always later than planned!

Cocobear Sun 16-Dec-07 17:27:41

Woken up early by DS who has escaped mosi net despite it being tucked in EXTRA tight.

DH stumbles downstairs to return with coffee.

Open stocking together in bed. Drink coffee.

Minor ablutions/nappy changing.

Charge downstairs to see what Santa brought (one big pressie typically left in middle of living room floor, unwrapped, with bow.)

DH stumbles into kitchen to make bucks fizz. DS gets milk and any chocolate he's managed not to eat yet from stocking. DD may need another nappy change.

Rip open pressies. Followed by breakfast.

Take kids to pool. Swim. Read magazine DH will have put in my stocking while relaxing on sunlounger. Have sneaky G&T if not the one driving. Change nappy.

Let DS play in garden with whatever Santa brought while DH and I make the XMas tea.

Eat. And eat. Change nappy.

Sleep off all that food, possibly on sofa, while one of the DVDs we've received is playing in the background.

Change nappy. Baths. Proper bed.

cazboldy Sun 16-Dec-07 17:33:01

dh goes to work early so he can be in at about 8am.
kids usually wake up at about 6 - they have stockings on the end of their beds, but we don't go down to do the main presents until daddy comes home.
we all have a cooked breakfast I nip out to turn out horses, walk dogs,feed chickens,rabbit etc
open up the main presents.
dh goes back to work and we all go for a walk to do the horses and feed the calves
back home to play
dh home

mumeeee Sun 16-Dec-07 17:35:14

My DDs are now 15,18 and 20. They will wake up around 8 and open their stockings then wait untill about 9 before lokking to see if we have opened ours( yes DH and I give each other stockings). Then as big as they are they will all come into our room andtake turns in siting on our bed and showing us what they have in their stockings. Then we wil have to show them what we have. They will then go and get dressed and we will get up.
We will open the Presents round the Christmas Tree at about 11.
This year we are going out for Christmas Lunch and have invited our disabled friend.
So DH and I will go and picck her up about 12.30 and we will all go round to the Christmas meal for about 1.15.
Not sure what we are doing for the rest of the day. Probably just relaxing and stuffing ourselfs with food. DH and I will take our friend home sometime in the evening. DD1 will be texting and phoning her fiance quite a lot during the day. She won't be running up our phone bill as she has a mobile and pays for it herself.

RudolphtherednoseEANDHdeer Sun 16-Dec-07 17:44:23

this is our 1st christmas actually staying at home but roughly;-

6am dd's up (try and quickly change dd2 nappy and give her some milk before heading downstairs)open presents from FC (dd1 doesnt want stocking upstairs)

Have breakfast get dressed (I'm imaging dd1 will be wearing the cinderella outfit that FC may be bringing her grin)

11amish my parents/great uncle come over dd's will have presents from our friends etc (i'll be doing my 1st xmas lunch cooking)

2pm - lunch

4pm - brother,gf and nephew plus gf mum and brother coming over - have presents from our family

7pm - have 'tea' bits of food (dd's will be in pj's dd2 probably be in bed)

Boxing day

go to il's and have all presents from dh family

We tried letting dd open all her presents in teh morning last year and she got bored so we are spacing them out this year

ahundredtimes Sun 16-Dec-07 17:53:03

God I'm a weirdo like the OP's friend in the playground. We don't open presents under the tree until after lunch.
I like to keep the suspense and excitement going - otherwise isn't it all over by 10?

Stockings, in bed, all of us together.
Play with the pencil from the stocking, get dressed
Relatives come. Champagne.

Perhaps brief walk.

Tea, and cake.

Games - we're terrible game players here I'm afraid.

Some telly - Dr Who this year for sure.

Baked potato, cold ham, turkey etc if anyone can face it.

DCs to bed. Relatives leave or stay over if that's what they're doing.

wrappingpaperBOwZZAndribbons Sun 16-Dec-07 18:09:56

Ours is get up about 7.30 ish (have bizarre children who sleep in on Christmas Day and so when I have been awake and excited for a while I get up and start making loud noises).

Downstairs in pjs for presents. This is all of them including stockings and big presents. Then breakfast. Then play with new stuff/get dressed etc.

Off to either my Aunties or MILs for dinner. Then off to the other for tea. Home knackered.

wrappingpaperBOwZZAndribbons Sun 16-Dec-07 18:10:38

100x it is not all over for us because the DC see both sets of families (both of whom go OTT) during the day.

DD comes in at 7 and not before! She is 12 this year, so I think that's fair enough. She wakes us up and then makes us a cuppa whilst we wake up proper! (That's what she did last year anyway, I might ask for a bacon buttie this year too! grin) Then she sits on our bed and opens her Father Chritmas stuff.

Then we all come downstairs and open our tree presents and DH makes brekkie. We go with the flow really. Lots of phone calls to various family members and Kbear down the road, just no pressure at all.

Can't wait this year. DD has been saving up for a laptop and we've bought her one! She is going to wet her self with excitement! grin I love seeing my little girl happy! grin

slayerette Sun 16-Dec-07 18:18:19

Another vote for weirdo Christmas!

Get up around 7-ish, all open stockings (have done them for my parents who are with us this year and dh and I always do each other one as well as ds. I love stockings grin )

Breakfast followed by walk to work up appetite for lunch.

Prep lunch; eat around 1 pm.

Under tree presents (with break for Her Maj).

All get stuck into building huge lego space station.

Buffet tea; ds in bed by 7 pm; adults crash with wine, chocs and Love Actually or something similar.

scrummyfairyontopofthetree Sun 16-Dec-07 18:20:35

Boys have stockings at the end of their beds for when they wake up - usually this is the only day of the year that they sleep in! They open stockings, go into Grandma & Grandads room and get into bed with them for 10 mins and go through what they have got.

I get up make a light breakfast of toast and coffee/tea and boys are not allowed to go into the living room until breakfast has been eaten.

Then all hell is let loose whilst boys rip open the carefully wrapped pressies, dad films them, Grandad usually opens packing for them and Mum and I sit there with another coffee trying to come round.

We have bucksfizz at around 10.00ish and put nibbles out for when our guests arrive.

Each lunch at about 1.00pm.

Have cheeseboard, pork pie, crusty bread, antipasti things at around 7.00pm

Califraunkincense Sun 16-Dec-07 18:28:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PhoeNixYouAMerryChristmas Sun 16-Dec-07 18:43:27

I'm loving reading these. Our parents never did stockings on the end of the bed for us but loving that idea so may start that with ds (22 month) This is roughly what we do

Up with ds normally 7ish

Downstairs in pj's to open pressies

Breakfast after pressie opening

Get bathed/showered, dressed

My parents come here to see ds (not sure why as we spend all day with them hmm)

We go to IL's and open pressies from them there

Go to my grandads for a few hours. All aunties, uncles and cousins go there too (this is my mums side of the family) Will have my 1st (of manywink) drink of the day here grin

Then to my aunties big house for lunch with all my dads side of the family. We have tea there too and normally leave there about 8pm

Come home get ds ready for bed, probably in his new pj's, put him to bed then watch crap on tv and drink more grin

PhoeNixYouAMerryChristmas Sun 16-Dec-07 18:44:58

My grandma and a few aunties have to do a trudge round the village too to walk lunch off grin

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