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Cufflinks - want to buy some for DH, please save me HUGE amounts of googling and tell me where you've bought from

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Loulou2010 Wed 14-Apr-10 11:02:56

I also love the bits they do in Silverado, they have lovely little shop in York

MrsBadger Fri 14-Dec-07 22:31:47

I like Cuffs & Co because they sell dress studs individually - dh always manages to lose just one...

Blondilocks Fri 14-Dec-07 22:26:17

Ooooh there's some fab things there. Maybe for OH's birthday!

funnypeCOOLYULEiar Fri 14-Dec-07 22:24:02

oh, EHM, like yours smile

Simon Carter? Available everywhere now, but not too pricey - and if you spend £50 (or indeed 49.99, as I discovered) you get a free extra pair!

EHM Fri 14-Dec-07 22:11:58

Orchide glad you like them. I also gave my SIL & MIL a charm for the December Birthdays with little finger printsmile Hope you find something for xmas.

Orchide Fri 14-Dec-07 19:40:34

EHM... they are fab, sadly though im too late for Xmas. He will def. be getting some for fathers day though!!

EHM Fri 14-Dec-07 16:46:13

not sure if this helps I bought DH some for fathers day he loved them

Twirl Fri 14-Dec-07 01:29:26

Try this website my favourite jewellrey shop in Brighton. I bought DH some fab cufflinks from there last year and he loved them! Try not to browse for yourself tho as you will end up spending DH's Christmas present money on yourself wink.

Orchide Thu 13-Dec-07 23:01:32

Started googling anyway.....

gorgeous stuff- for me!

Will have to bookmark for DH to start subtly hinting for my birthday!!

Stealth....saw a lovely pair on your website.....only cost a grand! shock
jura....mmmmmm...lovely and sparkly!

CoffeeCrazedMama Thu 13-Dec-07 22:54:22

DH tells me that his favorite ever cufflinks are a pair I bought him at Tyrwhitt (the mail order shirt people). He says he is often complimented on them. He too likes the moveable bar at the back as finds any other sort too fiddly.

jura Thu 13-Dec-07 22:46:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stealthsquiggle Thu 13-Dec-07 22:44:54

More realistically, try John Lewis!!

stealthsquiggle Thu 13-Dec-07 22:44:26

probably not for £50, but this is the ultimate cufflink shop

Tinker Thu 13-Dec-07 22:37:01


karen999 Thu 13-Dec-07 22:36:22

I always buy my dp cufflinks from John Lewis.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Orchide Thu 13-Dec-07 22:32:29

As the title says really....

Should have started looking ages ago.....didnt! blush

Like -
Silver/silver coloured
Prefer to have colour or somethign sparkley on the face
Back must be a moveable bar as opposed to a fixed one
Engraveable one would be fab....but i realise i might have left that too late

Budget - real diamonds is too much! £50 ..ish?

Thanks in advance grin

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