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I had to leave my childs xmas production today because...

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deenymcqueenygoreandguts Mon 10-Dec-07 19:09:55

I was so overcome with emotion, i was in danger of making a complete twonk of myself.
Honestly, i couldnt hold back when they started to sing about angels.

I was like this last year.
do not know why but wanted to sob.

any one else like this because not a single other parent was like this in there, not one.

spudmasher Mon 10-Dec-07 19:51:22

Love this thread! As a teacher I consider the show a failure if there are no tears. As a parent I am the one making choking noises with a tissue stuffed in my gob and a Rudolph style nose.

These are precious moments. Of course a tear will be shed!!!

piximon Mon 10-Dec-07 19:51:55

lol I'm like this too. I really like watching these sorts of things, but I know I'll be welling up on Thursday when DS1 and his nursery class start singing. Since having the DCs I've become a real cry baby in general though, almost anything can set me off. Pre-DCs I was tearless.

I am terrible at funerals as I giggle when I get nervous (my mum and aunt are the same) and so I have to hide my face so people don't think I'm heartless.

Louandben Mon 10-Dec-07 19:52:46

Just reading some of these messages is making me well up, what chance do I have when DS is old enough to be in a nativity play blush?! I would like to use the fact that I am pregnant at the moment as an excuse but I am like it all the time!

myrrhthamoo Mon 10-Dec-07 19:54:21

This thread has brought tears to my eyes. Does that answer your question grin?

Alambil Mon 10-Dec-07 20:00:17

Have to say that I'm going alone (ie without my mum) to DS nativity on Thursday - she is going on Wednesday.

I fear I may need a tissue or two (or five!)

Nothing to be ashamed about at all - in fact, listening to a song on youtube (O Come) made me well up - now THAT is sad! grin

madamez Mon 10-Dec-07 20:10:26

I expect I will howl at plays and concerts etc when DS is old enough to be at a school that does them. But this may be because I have near-perfect hearing pitch and a lot of out of tune honking invariably brings tears to my eyes (CHina IN Your Hand by T'Pau can make me projectile vomit on a good day).

SweetSnowflake Mon 10-Dec-07 20:12:08

im a wreck at dd's showssmile..i actually SOB!blush

suwoo Mon 10-Dec-07 20:26:17

<<phew>> so glad its not just me then, although it seems like I am the only one out of the mums from DD's class. I too have cried in a 'well done assembly'. When DD was in quite a large professional ballet show, I had to watch it back on the DVD that you could buy as I couldn't see any of it through my tears. If you looked down the row though, you could see my mum, my nan and my sister all as bad! Must run in families grin

deenymcqueenygoreandguts Wed 12-Dec-07 14:28:43

yes cry allot, all the time.

Atheletes song "wires" oh my God, the first couple of bars just make me howl.
dh says im a puff, bladder too near to my eyes i think.

SueW Wed 12-Dec-07 14:31:19

I was in tears in M&S last week because they had a children's choir in singing carols. Not even my child and I didn't go and watch - I could hear it from across the store!

I cried at DD's production but apparently not as much as one mum who all the children came out talking about.

cadeLaideInAManger Wed 12-Dec-07 14:31:55

I take sunglasses.
Look like a twat, but slightly less of a twat than if I was overtly sobbing.
Well, i like to think so, anyway.

deenymcqueenygoreandguts Wed 12-Dec-07 14:34:28

LMAO!!! sunglasses, that is brill!!!!!

FioFio Wed 12-Dec-07 14:36:39

Message withdrawn

jammydodger Wed 12-Dec-07 14:39:11

I cannot hear that Rolf harris song "two little boys" without welling up - I know that's totally sad, but can't help it (especially as I have 2 little boys myself now!). God it's pathetic! Even tried to sing it at a karaoke once and couldn't finish it - possibly one of the most embarrassing moments of my life blush

rudolphdoesntneedbratnav Wed 12-Dec-07 14:40:48

I cried yesterday at DD1s nativity play, Away In a Manger, if you don't cry when a group of 5/6 yo sings that there is something wrong with you IMHO

dividedselfridgesxmaswindow Wed 12-Dec-07 14:42:02

I can get a bit teary - for me I think it's because it is a rare quiet moment of reflection, but one that is also filled with joy and the wonderful naivety of childhood. This makes it a double emotional whammy. I don't do public crying though, so I cough and blink, cough and blink and speak strictly to myself in my head grin

Snaf Wed 12-Dec-07 14:42:58

It's ds's nativity (well, Santa's Workshop hmm) next week and I know I am going to be a wreck. Doesn't help that I look as if I've been hit by a truck when I cry - not a good look.

I am exactly like you, FrayedKnot - cry buckets at funerals (even if it's someone I didn't know well), songs on the radio etc but almost never cry for 'myself' iyswim.

deenymcqueenygoreandguts Wed 12-Dec-07 14:43:31

i dont even know you
but i disown you for that....Rolph Harris OMG

I am embarrased to even be on the same talk board as you.

THE most embarrasing moment of some ones life i would say....


Mincepiedermama Wed 12-Dec-07 14:45:33

Oh God I feel well warned by this. Poor you. sad

I will try to manufacture a good old cry about something in my bedroom the night before the two shows.

I think sometimes we don't realise that we need a good old sob and then something triggers it and the floodgates open.

I don't want to be a helpless dribbling wreck in the school gym hall in front of all the brilliant, coping, alpha mums.

SquonkaClaus Wed 12-Dec-07 14:46:36

jammydodger - I bought a cd of kids songs a couple of months ago and we were happily singing along to Old MacDonald and The Grand Old Duke of York and then on came 2 little boys...

I was howling all the way home! The kids were in the back of the car saying "why are you crying mummy?" and I was sobbing to them "it's when it goes 'did you think I would leave you (SOB SOB) dying' and it's so sad and it's so (SOB SOB)..." and the kids are both like this hmm at me.

Just about recovered and got myself under control and on came PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON! which set me off again.

I put the cd in the glove compartment - never to be played again!

deenymcqueenygoreandguts Wed 12-Dec-07 14:49:27

oh i see, its a sad song is it? the Rolph Harris song???
thought it was a funny one, must be thinking of some thing else.

Puff the magic dragon does it for me too.
So, its a mum thing isnt it.

SantaBeClausImWorthIt Wed 12-Dec-07 14:52:25

I am so glad that my boys are now at secondary school and that they don't get involved in anything like this. It was my annual torture.

It isn't even my own kids that set me off.

Mind youj, I went to a carol concert and performance of the Messiah on Saturday and that was just as bad! Couldn't even sing some of the carols properly!

I cry very easily at things like this. The hard/surprising thing for me was how little I cried my my mum died. I thought I would be a complete wreck, but somehow it just didn't happen.

5GoldenFIMBOs Wed 12-Dec-07 14:53:29


I cried when my dd went off on the bus (I stupidly waited behind to wave them off) on a day trip blush

TheChristmaskedPoster Wed 12-Dec-07 14:57:48

oh yes

dd's first ever 'play' was this morning - a little nursery production of the Teddy Bear getting lost and coming down a chimney. The children were brilliant and dd actually said her line 'we can clean him' (although I was zooming in at the time and completely lost the words! blush) - I would have been a blubbering mess, but had to do some videos etc of the said play, so that took all my brain power (plus being preggers doesn't help with the ol' water works!).

I am useless at anything like this will often be found sniffling, from sheer joy and emotion, into my tissue...

Oh and I did comment to a friend, that this is the reason why we endure hours of pain during labour - to witness such beautiful scenes. <<utter emotional drivvel - I agree grin))

SquonkaClaus Wed 12-Dec-07 15:19:23

deenymcqueeny - 2 little boys

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