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I had to leave my childs xmas production today because...

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deenymcqueenygoreandguts Mon 10-Dec-07 19:09:55

I was so overcome with emotion, i was in danger of making a complete twonk of myself.
Honestly, i couldnt hold back when they started to sing about angels.

I was like this last year.
do not know why but wanted to sob.

any one else like this because not a single other parent was like this in there, not one.

kerryk Mon 10-Dec-07 19:12:42

dd1's first nativity is next monday and i will be the exact same as you, my dad and dh are also going and they have already warned me to behave but i know it will be no good.

the worst part for me is when the children sing away in a manger (i mean any children not just mine, as soon as i hear that song i start to cry) my lovely great gran used to sing it to me and my brother at christmas and it brings back so many happy memories.

Browny Mon 10-Dec-07 19:13:15

Hi, yep.. I get over-emotional everytime, I just can't help it blush, when my dd1 left her primary school this summer they had a leaving ceremony and I had to sip cold water all the way through to hold myself together, but when they showed all their baby photos on a huge screen that did it... I couldn't stop the tears rolling down my cheeks sad.I didn't notice anyone else being upset either hmm.

deenymcqueenygoreandguts Mon 10-Dec-07 19:14:40

am filling up now.....

huge baby photos... oh dear, im such a wimp

Quadrophenia Mon 10-Dec-07 19:14:41

ohhh I know a tip, bite your tongue really hard, it works it really does. I don't cry at plays and stuff, but i do get a bit strangely emotional if I need to talk to a teacher about something, tis a right pita blush

BrieVinDeAlkaSeltzer Mon 10-Dec-07 19:14:46

'Tis motherhood it makes a wreck of you.

My DH now just passes me his handkerchief as soon as the play starts.blush

ComeOVenReadyturkey Mon 10-Dec-07 19:15:32

I felt prettty choken up last week at ds's nursery nativity, but quickly turned to tears of laughter at the childrens antics. We all were the same though tbh. It was the funniest thing (not intended to be obviously) I have seen in ages grin

NotEvenHopingForAWhiteXmas Mon 10-Dec-07 19:16:13

I even cry over other people's children, especially singing Away in a Manger. I also found myself in tears singing "The Ugly Bug Ball" to my baby yesterday. blush shock sad

I am very sad.

Angeliz Mon 10-Dec-07 19:16:35

Yep, i had tears in my eyes at dd's nativity last week. Also a room full of children singing, i often well up at assembly when i go.

deenymcqueenygoreandguts Mon 10-Dec-07 19:17:33

nononono not sad, i used to and still do cry if i hear "you are my sunshine".

nutcracker Mon 10-Dec-07 19:18:15

Dd2's class once did a special mothers day assembly, and I can't remember which song it was that they sung, but it had several of the mums in tears and then one by one the kids started crying too.

Browny Mon 10-Dec-07 19:18:15

deeny, I was an emotional wreck when all the children sang, "I've had the time of my life" from Dirty Dancing - mind you I was sobbing when I watched Cirque de celebrity on Saturday night, when the blonde girl was swinging through the air to the theme tune of the Titanic!

deenymcqueenygoreandguts Mon 10-Dec-07 19:19:46

i wasnt crying over my son, he has just started school so had to just sit.
It was the little kids voices and the look on the parents faces, the mesmerised pride, the childs little face when they saw their mum or dad.

wardrobemistressakasugarfree Mon 10-Dec-07 19:19:53

I'm a real sobber, I even make noises,fgs!
Will be biting my tongue very hard tomorrow morning at 10 am and again on Friday afternoon.

deenymcqueenygoreandguts Mon 10-Dec-07 19:20:46

Even the fucking blue tinsel around the hand prints turned into angels made me well up.


constancereader Mon 10-Dec-07 19:25:41

Well - I was a primary school teacher responsible for the infant play. Every year it was a nightmare of organisation, rehearsal, making, trying to teach while it was all going on, waking up at 3am with the bloody songs going around my head, keeping my patience with 60 under sixes.......

and EVERY YEAR during the performance I would cry during Away in a Manger blush.

What will I be like when ds is part of it all I dread to think!

belcantavinissima Mon 10-Dec-07 19:27:15

lord i do this every year too, even to ds1s play last week and hes 9 fgs and not all that 'cute' at all now! again, like you all, i always seem to be the only one sobbing uncontrollably

mumofmonSTARsOfBethlehem Mon 10-Dec-07 19:29:01

I am PG so will be howling thru DS1s xmas 'show'. especially as he is a narrator and gets to speak quite a few times this year (he is in reception and they do a joint thing with nursery, last year he sung 1 song!)

CarmenerryChristmas Mon 10-Dec-07 19:30:25

Me, I cried today at dd's nativity playblush Totally overcome with pride and love for her. And a little pre-mental.

FrayedKnot Mon 10-Dec-07 19:32:55

Can I ask a question, do you all cry a lot generally, or not much?

Because I am like this too, and also at weddings, I dread funerals, I can;t sing certains songs to DS without welling up - but I hardly ever cry otherwise.

Not that it sounds like it grin

PirateInaPeartree Mon 10-Dec-07 19:33:37

my dd5 had hers today, I was totally enraptured, sitting htere willing them on, and cooing inwardly over 'other people's children'.

I am pretty crap with other peoples children pmsl wink, yet today they were all just, well, babies to my mind.

My dd was a scream she was actually winking cockily at me from the stage.

There was one song called Lullaby Jesus, and dd had said 'mummy' everytime I sing that song it reminds me of you, and it makes me cry'

arghhh, guess who was gulping back the tears!! I wish her dad would have showed up.!

belcantavinissima Mon 10-Dec-07 19:34:17

frayedknot, i'm the same as you. i think i use up my annual supply at all the teary events lol

wardrobemistressakasugarfree Mon 10-Dec-07 19:47:34

FrayedKnot,even my mother calls me a hard-hearted bugger!
It's something about my children singing at Christmas-other peoples' don't have the same effect,in fact that kids theatre company? Chicken Shed? leaves me cold.

mumofmonSTARsOfBethlehem Mon 10-Dec-07 19:49:36

no i am not a cry-er generally.

Angeliz Mon 10-Dec-07 19:49:58

Have to say, Westlife's new song makes me cry too. 'I'm already there'
I don't cry alot , hardly ever beleive it or not but dp works away alot and was away an awful lot last year and that song reminds me and makes me all mushy.

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