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who makes mince pies? who buys them? who's convinced they *can't* make them?

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hatwoman Sun 09-Dec-07 18:37:32

because I am coming over positively evangelical with the discovery that I can make them and I can make pastry - I have spent years thinking it was beyond me, and buying into Nigella's "you'll never make pastry as good as bought so why bother" bollocks - and, more annoyingly, buying into Waitrose all butter god knows how much for a box of 6. But I have made my own this year - and they are, though I say it myself, loads better than any bought. they're as good as my mum's shock(perhaps to do with it being her recipe) amd I am absolutely delighted. ladies (and gentle men) of mumsnet, I entreat you, find a good recipe and get the rolling pin out. You won't regret it.

ladygrinningsanta Sun 09-Dec-07 21:49:30

hatwoman's instructions have what for me are the two really salient points

1) Use lard in the pastry

2) Keep the pastry nice and cold

I found my pastry making improved hugely when I started using a marble board and rolling pin instead of wooden as it seems to help the pastry stay cool.

ggirlsbells Sun 09-Dec-07 21:50:27

dh made some tonight,they're yummy

BadKittenInAPearTree Sun 09-Dec-07 22:25:24

i made some today always thought they were a bit scary then a couple of years ago I realised that i'm ok at pastry - freezing cold hands. Today I fancied some mince pies, couldnt be arsed to go to the shop so 45 mins later had some home-made ones sitting on my plate.
Would love to make my own mince meat though - did cheat with a jar.

BadKittenInAPearTree Sun 09-Dec-07 22:30:32

today I did 6 oz flour, 3oz butter rubbed together. Added little bit of water til just came together, scrunched together by hand (hooray for reynauds!) shoved in fridge while oven heated. Oiled tin with sunflower oil. Cut out pastry. put tablespoon or so of brandy into mincemeat jar and mixed. Filled to top of pastry and added lids. Snipped holes in. 25 mins at 200C
Tip to get them out - do it while they are hot so escaped mincemeat hasnt set and glued them to tin.

auntygiddy Sat 04-Dec-10 18:58:37

How do you stop the lids coming off when they are cooking? Then the filling seeps out and they get stuck in the tin. Am on my second batch of 24 and even though I really stuck the lids down they still opened. Am I being greedy with the filling?

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