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How much have you spent on pressies , total? No judging, I'm just very nosey, and like to see how far along the scale of spending I am!!

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mustrunmorewantsanewname Wed 05-Dec-07 22:09:39

So? How much/for how many people?

Wendyjayb Wed 03-Dec-08 22:17:30

Ds (3yo) - About £120
Sisters - £10 each
Bil - £10
Nephew - £45 (only because my sister does the same for ds)

Still got to get mum and mil

Dh and I have set a £25 limit on us this year smile

AuraofDora Sat 15-Nov-08 20:59:39


kinda liberating in strange way

cupsoftea Sat 15-Nov-08 20:43:23

No idea what I've spent so far - have bought books and craft supplies plus a selection of toys & games that fill two supermarket reusable type bags.

PottyCock Sat 15-Nov-08 20:41:45

i've bought zippo so far <cringe>

twinsetandpearls Sat 15-Nov-08 20:40:23

I have not bought any presents and will not be buying any. May get dd a token present.

Hulababy Sat 15-Nov-08 20:38:17

This year it is a lot more than normal. This is because 6y DD is having a digital piano, so that she ca start lessons in the New Year, so that has already set us back just under £700 - but thinking of it as a longer term investment, so she wills till get some stocking fillers. Not done much more of shopping other than the children I have to buy for - so have spent about £60 on those to date.

hatwoman Sat 15-Nov-08 20:36:18

please tell me that at least some of these are about how much you will spend. not how much you have spent. please tell me I'm not the only one to have not yet bought a single present.

Mercy Sat 15-Nov-08 20:33:19

Thanks charliecat !!!!!!

(it just spooked me a bit even though I'm not normally bothered)

sallystrawberry Sat 15-Nov-08 20:31:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twinsetandpearls Sat 15-Nov-08 20:30:19


UnfortunatelyMe Sat 15-Nov-08 20:29:43

I have now

UnfortunatelyMurderedMe Sat 15-Nov-08 20:28:36

I was charliecat, then UnfortunatelyMe then it was halloween and i was going for something scary and havent changed back..

Mercy Sat 15-Nov-08 20:26:46

Unfortunately - why on earth did you choose that name?

UnfortunatelyMurderedMe Sat 15-Nov-08 20:21:49

Nothing on anyone other than the kids.
Tightfisted Bastard.
Dont see the point.
If i want it I go buy it. If they want it, they go buy it.
NOONE waits round for people to guess what they might like on Dec 25th....

For the kids.
Chemistry set each - Brought with boots points.
£15 worth of Nancy Drew books.
£3 fleece jim jams Primark
£30 between 2 kids in the pound shop, on art and craft and pencils and stickers and feathers and an easel, some paints, that sort of stuff.
Will buy them a couple of DS games.

chipo Sat 15-Nov-08 20:17:31

£330 so far and 2 pressies to get at prob £30 each.

£40 for DD (lots of small bits, dvd's etc.)
£28 x 2 for 2 small cousins
£110 for DH (nice watch for xmas and birthday in jan)
£60 for sis (camera again for birthday and christmas)
£60 in total for 4 other children

vixma Sat 30-Aug-08 23:14:44

Apart from my son, mother and partner £30.00 each....others, difficult to know as I run through deals on last etc

SpandexIsMyEnemy Sat 30-Aug-08 22:57:56

so far £4.49 for a fire sam thing for DS.

but also gonna get him some gold fishies (have an old tank which i'm going to make into a 'fire sam' or thomas themed thing with 2 fish in it. and a wooden train set - so all in will be approx £40 on him (one next month one in november)

mum/dad - ??? prob about £20 (feel a bit mean thou) - will get and do some home made stuff with DS for them - might talk to SIL about a family calender

grandparents?? - token gifts I think, maybe a biscuit box as well with some home made goodies in there - DS will have lots of fun.

erm nephew prob £10

beau - er.... home made gift - night in??!! lol, there's talk of a w.e away with the sun 9.50 hols so that will be a pres to each other type thing I think.

food - well xh will be here but don't intend spending much tbh,

hoping to get it all done for under £150 incl the food.

cheesesarnie Sat 30-Aug-08 22:45:58


solo Sat 30-Aug-08 22:45:12

20 odd years ago, I started my Christmas shopping in the January sales. Continued throughout the year when I spotted a bargain and was done and dusted by October...I'm just not that organised any more.

piratecat Sat 30-Aug-08 22:41:34

but its august, the sun may still shine.

how do yo know what your 'people' want/would appreciate yet?

i don't understand.

solo Sat 30-Aug-08 22:38:39

Well, it's inexpensive and if they win, you could get your money back!!! You'd feel pretty crap though if they won a couple of million and only gave you your £1 back. hmm

BloodySmartarse Sat 30-Aug-08 21:59:36

i quite like that solo, the lottery ticket thing...

solo Sat 30-Aug-08 21:51:25

Last year, I told everyone that I was not buying Christmas gifts for anyone other than my Dc's. I had made the decision to take a career break and knew that money would be exceptionally tight. I think everyone was relieved and did the same in return to me, so everyone has saved money grin except for my parents and my Db and Sil.
This year will be much the same. I'll maybe buy for my parents this year, but I have no idea what! maybe a lottery ticket. I did that for their wedding anniversary this year and told them if they won, I wanted my £1 back!!!

BloodySmartarse Sat 30-Aug-08 21:23:45

dp and i dont do each other at crimbo (presents that is, arf).
christmas is for kids imo.
and spending quality time with loved ones, obv.
in my ideal world that is.
as long as the kids have a good time, its all good.
i like a good xmas dinner (dp cooks it beautifully - but then i have to spend about 2 hours clearing up the mess left behindhmm)
and i love the boxing day get together with all my family in london.

zippitippitoes Sat 30-Aug-08 21:06:36

women are easy men are hard

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