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How much have you spent on pressies , total? No judging, I'm just very nosey, and like to see how far along the scale of spending I am!!

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mustrunmorewantsanewname Wed 05-Dec-07 22:09:39

So? How much/for how many people?

kaz33 Thu 06-Dec-07 14:06:58

DS1 - nintendo DS and other assorted stuff £200

DS2 - drum kit and other assorted stuff £200

Don't normally spend that much on the kids but will make up for it by spending less in other areas

DH - jeans, gloves, nicole fahri shirt £80 ( I love ebay smile

Parents - £20 each
Brother and SIL - £20 each
Niece - £30
Cousins daughter - £10

sweetheart Thu 06-Dec-07 14:11:35

shock shock shock shock

Oh my god!!!!!!!

You lot all spend so litte - my shopping bill this Christmas comes to approx £1300!

Thats buying for about 30 people.

sweetheart Thu 06-Dec-07 14:12:00

Plus it's my sons birthday at Christmas too so we spend extra on that aswell.

sweetheart Thu 06-Dec-07 14:14:06

phew bozza - just read yours, that makes me feel better!

MuffinMclay Thu 06-Dec-07 14:17:44

Dh about £100 so far (might add the odd stoking filler)
DS £100

Nieces/nephews - £20 each (£10 only on the baby)

SIL £20
BILs £10

My parents joint gift, about £40

MIL £15 (photo frame) - seems mean but she wants nothing at all and has more money than sense.

GMIL - £15

Brother £20 max

chocolateteapot Thu 06-Dec-07 14:26:00

About £650 on 28 people. I do it through out the year and allocate £50 a month, so I have gone £50 over budget.

bozza Thu 06-Dec-07 14:26:19

I have spent more this year I think than ever before. I have a problem reconciling DS's DS and Liverpool shirt (total of £160 together) with DD's playmobil house off Ebay and boy baby born (total of £100 together) due to the fact that DD's are so much bigger than DS's. But DS is only 6 and still a Father Christmas believer so I can't do an economic explanation beforehand.

The additional stuff plus stockings are of similarish value. It is the main presents that are disparate. I am not bothered about spending less on DD because I spent less on DS when he was 3. It's just how they will look on Christmas morning.

CantSleighWontSleigh Thu 06-Dec-07 14:35:42

Errr, let it suffice to say more than anyone else on this thread (or will be once I've finished anyway), but that will come as no surprise to you mrm! hmm
Don't think I'm spending as much as last year though, as have shopped more frugally for the 35 or so children that we buy for.

belcantavinissima Thu 06-Dec-07 14:36:40

um, i think about £600 blush which is for
3 dc
both our sets of parents
sisterinlaw and her dp
3 nephews
brother and his dp
other brother
brothers mum and dad (complicated- dont ask!)
brothers brother and his dw

so for 20 people i have spent roughly £600- i am guesstimating, dont want to add it up properly but know that dh gave me £450 and i have spent more. whoops. still, its only once a year. grin

Can't spend it if you haven't got it! grin

To be honest, the adults in our family aren't bothered about presents, and if I ask what should I get the kids in the family, the adults says "money!" which isn't helpful as we're always skint. So chocolate it is for all of them, they can either like it or lump it!

I'm chuffed I haven't spent much as it means I won't get into money troubles come january. There's too much emphasis on spending at christmas anyway, it's all perpertuated by the greedy credit card companies, bah humbug! wink

carries Thu 06-Dec-07 21:21:38

DH - too much, £100 plus 15 on stocking fillers

DD1- about £70
DD2 - about £40, she is only 10 mos

Mum and Dad about £70 between them

MIL - about £40

FIL - about £40

Step mother in law - £20

Sister - £30
BIL - £15

SIL - £30

Best friends - about £30 each

God daughter - £30

Nephew - £30

secret santa - £10

Cleaner - £10

Nursery staff - £10 total

DH's gran - £10

Various extras - homemade chocs or biscuits

Best friend's daughter - £8

So, far I'm sticking to budget. We set aside £1000 for Christmas to cover gifts, cards, stamps, wrapping stuff and food. I know food will take us over budget ++++++

I would like to spend more of our parents cos they are so good to us and the daughters but each year they say not to spend on them, but that seems mean.

scorpio1 Thu 06-Dec-07 21:28:19

dc x 3 @ 100 each = 300

in-laws = 50

my parents = 33 (champagne) plus whatever flowers will cost nearer the time

Sisters x 2 @ 20 = 40

a friend = 20

dp = 130

me = 100

ex in-laws = 20

ex-p = 15 (he is ds1 dad, therefore i feel i have to buy him something!)

Thats about it, excluding christmas cards/postage for rather a few people...

worriedmum34 Thu 06-Dec-07 21:28:34

Don't know - don't want to add it up to find out!
I buy for dh, ds, mum/dad, mil/fil/bil, bf and her lo, TA's at school, children at school (thats £1 each so £30 in total), sdd, nephews and nieces, nursery staff, 3x sisters......

Plus both mum and dads birthdays are just either side of christmas.

cheeset Thu 06-Dec-07 21:28:34

I never had a christmas stocking as a child,was anyone else like me?

My sis and I just had one main present,I feel a bit sorry for myself sad

MummyDarlingSausage Thu 06-Dec-07 21:50:30

About £500 in total (dh, dd, ds and 21 for family and a couple of friends. That's cutting down. This is the first year we are buying for children and child free adults only as dh comes from such a large family)

Califraunkincense Thu 06-Dec-07 22:14:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TrinityTheRedNosedRhino Thu 06-Dec-07 22:17:05

about £450 for all 3 dcs together but that includes a Wii bundle at £260

cazboldy Thu 06-Dec-07 22:24:36

about £600

on 5 dc
2 nephews
4 neices
my brother & sil
my sister
my bf
her 2 dc

sparklyjen Thu 06-Dec-07 22:27:04

About £250.

Which isn't as bad as I thought.

Gonna be paying it off for a while though...

sparklyjen Thu 06-Dec-07 22:28:52

That's for 13 people.

CremolaFirCone Thu 06-Dec-07 22:40:30

dread to think but here goes(more of an exercise to see how much i have spent
sis £29 bike pannier
bil:£15book +CD
bil&sil: £20 Food smoker and BBq hamper
mil £60(including Dec birthday presssie)Chelsea Flower show ticket and trip
Fil Fark all so far
mum: £30 earings and perfume
Dad: £15 photo calendar of dd and CD
DD about £30 (2nd hand PAYG phone)including stocking which is nearly all chocolate
Dd's friends x3 £15 Books
Secret Santa at school £5 (Claires accessories)
best friend £10 wine glasses/candles and candlesticks
niece1 £8 flippin Penguins game
neice2 £12 Quentin Blake drawing book/sleepover voucher
nephew 1 £12 Power Rangers walkie talkies
nephew 2 £10 victoria wine voucher
dh and me ?30 fights to vienna

onlyjoking Thu 06-Dec-07 22:45:44

well i have not a clue and whats more i don't care, this chritmas needs to be special.

nappyaddict Fri 29-Aug-08 16:46:36

Have already started buying a lot of presents in the sales ....

1 - on DS i have spent £30 so far

2 - Parents - £10 each

3 - Sister and sister's boyfriend - £5 each

4 - Nieces/Nephews - N/A

5 - Aunts/uncles - £7.50 per couple

7 - Cousins (adults) - £10

8 - Cousins (children) - £5

9 - Friends - agreed nothing

10 - Friend's children - £5 each

Guitargirl Sat 30-Aug-08 15:07:23

Selfridges have opened their Christmas shop (and toy shop) in the basement. I was there today with DD, very bizarre to be listening to Christmas songs in August...!

How much have I spent? Too supposed to be on a very tight budget this year as am expecting baby no 2 in the new year and DD's birthday is also in January and with maternity leave approaching I did say I was going to cut back a lot. Oh well.

nappyaddict Sat 30-Aug-08 17:50:41

which selfridges is that?

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