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Bring on the clash of the christmas traditions

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ibroughtcake Wed 28-Nov-07 19:51:34

His family have a fake tree I like a real one

They don't get the christmas eve pyjamas thing, I love it

They have a family free for all on the presents, I like order and appreciation for what people have chosen for you, not just ripping the paper off in ten seconds flat

Aunt Bessie will personally be delivering their dinner, I like to make mine myself

and on and on and on

what is it they say about choosing your battles? grin

meemar Wed 28-Nov-07 19:58:16

what's the christmas eve pyjama thing? It sounds very cosy smile

ibroughtcake Wed 28-Nov-07 20:28:28

We all get new pyjamas on christmas eve to open up and wear whilst watching polar express or playing games or watching out for santa smile

AMerryScot Wed 28-Nov-07 20:53:37

Compromise! Synergise! Make your own traditions

AMerryScot Wed 28-Nov-07 20:56:53

We have been doing the new pyjama thing for a few years now. It's our own tradition rather than something passed down from our families. I think perhaps I got the idea from Mumsnet

What I like about it is that there may be photographs on Christmas morning, and at least the children look respectable (without having to nag them).

New pyjamas also seems to help them get an early night

pointydog Wed 28-Nov-07 20:58:52


Wear pyjamas while politely appreciating gifts over an Iceland buffet.

Twiglett Wed 28-Nov-07 21:00:51

well at least their tradition does not involve christmas octopus blush

Twiglett Wed 28-Nov-07 21:01:12

a very seasonal animule is the octopus you know

hunkermunker Wed 28-Nov-07 21:02:41

I wonder whether the things you outline are actually the class dividing line of Christmas?

pointydog Wed 28-Nov-07 21:03:09

what, you have a christmas octopus? Is that for entertainment or for food?

giraffeski Wed 28-Nov-07 21:05:08

Message withdrawn

JuanMoreTime Thu 16-Sep-10 11:47:18


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