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LydiaTheTattooedLapin Wed 28-Nov-07 12:02:41

Hello there.

I have finally emailed everyone with their matches! (well, everyone except the two of you that joined in yesterday - you know who you are wink)

So if you don't think you have received your email, please a) check your spam and b) mail me on if you haven't had it, and I will resend.

I am having problems getting rejected messages from a few of you - it seems to be a Hotmail problem. So you might get an email from some random woman with a strange Hotmail address - that's me!

Please could everyone just drop me a very quick line when you have got your email, so I know they have got through - most of you have already done this, thank you. Just an email reply saying "Received, luv mumofbenandgeorgie1989" is fine (it helps me enormously if you stick your MN name in somewhere).

Ummm, what else.

Questions thread here - please check here and also post any general questions here rather than emailing me. Obviously email me if you have specific questions about your recipient.

And there is a Thank You thread here too.

Thanks everyone for joining in ! smile

TenLordsaLapin Fri 07-Dec-07 16:41:31

shoptilidrop - I was right, her interweb has been out. she's just back on today and she has received your package and is thrilled to bits! smile

christmasshoptilidrop Fri 07-Dec-07 16:54:21

oh wonderful, thanks very much lapin.

tiredemma Fri 07-Dec-07 17:18:42

Oh I plan to post on the 13th so ill be in time.

lazawreath Fri 07-Dec-07 17:41:46

littlelapin, i sent you an email earlier just wondered if the other lady received her two other parcels.

TenLordsaLapin Fri 07-Dec-07 17:42:51

Have emailed and will let you know smile

Bewilderbeast Fri 07-Dec-07 20:54:09

LL hijack, left work before I got an email from you (if you sent one) just packing up the parcels, do I add in the extras?

Bewilderbeast Fri 07-Dec-07 21:45:47

BUMP grin

TenLordsaLapin Fri 07-Dec-07 21:46:44

Extras??? <worries this is something pervy>

TenLordsaLapin Fri 07-Dec-07 21:49:53

Oh durrrr <slaps forehead>

I emailed her but no reply, so I would guess not?

Bewilderbeast Fri 07-Dec-07 22:28:31

ok thanks LL.

FrannyandZooey Sat 08-Dec-07 19:06:40

LL, is there a deadline we are meant to have sent them by?


I am half way there

TenLordsaLapin Sun 09-Dec-07 23:15:57

Last posting date for the UK is Dec 20th Franny grin

LouIsAWeetbixKid Mon 23-Nov-09 10:05:51

I have not been emailed either.

LouIsAWeetbixKid Mon 23-Nov-09 10:07:52

Stupid me for not reading the date. Was a bit confused at first.

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