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Where can we get REALLY cheap wrapping paper???

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GreatAuntieWurly Mon 26-Nov-07 17:09:25

Been out today with our parents group and ordered all our father christmas toys but now we have the job of wrapping them all.

Where can we get really cheap wrapping paper???

crazyloon1 Mon 15-Dec-08 14:40:55

Wilks has some but tbh it falls to bits after wrapping, if you so much as look at it or put the gifts in a bag etc

You need to handle them carefully if you use it

Brown paper or newspaper might be better.

Furball Mon 15-Dec-08 14:38:30

don't know as I've taken the wrapper off but I managed to wrap 80 lucky dip presents with one roll

nappyaddict Mon 15-Dec-08 14:26:38

furball how many metres are the morrisons ones?

EarthwormFrittataBugEnchilada Mon 15-Dec-08 14:19:57

BHS have 8m rolls for £1.50 at the moment. Thickness is fine. Kids patterns (santa etc) and the usual gold/silver snowflake type stuff.

Furball Mon 15-Dec-08 14:16:13

I bought 2 x rolls for £1 in morrisons and it is ample thickness.

nappyaddict Mon 15-Dec-08 14:06:10

How much is it in Ikea?? Is the ASDA stuff any good or does it rip when you try to wrap stuff up?

Anna8888 Tue 27-Nov-07 09:16:47


Hallgerda Tue 27-Nov-07 09:05:00

Brown paper, a set of stamps from a craft shop (or potatoes) and some paint/ink/whatever. Then get the children to work/play on it.

berolina Tue 27-Nov-07 08:56:31

Brown paper, pages with full-page pics from Sunday supplements, or aluminium foil! Done well, they all look fab.

saltireflyingatHampden Tue 27-Nov-07 08:01:36

The 16p Asda one is only 2m long, it doesn't last long. I've got 2 rolls,each about 15/20 metres for £1.99 each at Wilkinsons

biglips Tue 27-Nov-07 07:29:54

you have to be careful buying really cheap wrapping paper as they rip easily whilst wrapping the pressies up.

andiemisletoe Tue 27-Nov-07 07:24:23

ikea or matalan both have good ones

Furball Tue 27-Nov-07 07:16:42

last year I got realy nice paper (but thin)for school fair at 16p a roll in tesco, it was their value range.

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Mon 26-Nov-07 17:40:01

Am on my way too right now to ASDA - deffo agree just gets ripped off, the cheaper the better!!!!!

sparklygothkat Mon 26-Nov-07 17:25:08

I am going to get the 16p paper, only because it gets ripped off and binned anyway

sparklygothkat Mon 26-Nov-07 17:25:06

I am going to get the 16p paper, only because it gets ripped off and binned anyway

fruitymum Mon 26-Nov-07 17:23:36


cremolafoam Mon 26-Nov-07 17:21:44

loads on here

Wheelybug Mon 26-Nov-07 17:20:27

SGK- thats what I saw - I was shock. Probably terrible quality but doesn't really matter for this !

smeeinachristmastreeinnit Mon 26-Nov-07 17:20:08

crikey! i hate to think how thin the 16p a roll stuff is!!! grin

paulaplumpbottom Mon 26-Nov-07 17:19:58

By some Brown packing paper and wrap presents in it tied with red yarn. It actually looks really good

Bky Mon 26-Nov-07 17:19:41

Asda do some for 16p a roll, think it is 2 metres, quite a nice design on it and in our Asda comes in red or silver.

sugar34plum Mon 26-Nov-07 17:18:30

sorry 1 pound for 8m

sugar34plum Mon 26-Nov-07 17:18:11

primark 1 for 8m

cremolafoam Mon 26-Nov-07 17:17:28

49p for 2 metres red with white stars
or these here

lidl cheap and not so nasty- lots of colours

or use lining paper( about £1.50 for 10meters and get kids to potato print it

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