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LydiaTheTattooedLapin Mon 26-Nov-07 09:09:31

A few people have asked me how they should thank the person who sent them something - can I suggest you post on here? Namechange if you want to remain anonymous, and remember that your donor won't know your MN name anyway - so maybe give some clues (ie "thank you for the lego and the chocolate") smile

LydiaTheTattooedLapin Tue 27-Nov-07 11:16:00


oliveoil Tue 27-Nov-07 11:25:04

(I have not had an email yet, is there a thread to moan query this?)

Mummy2TandF Tue 27-Nov-07 11:36:46

LL Thank You so much for this thread, can I please say a massive THANK YOU for my gifts- Vouchers, Spiderman Toy, Outfit for dd etc(you must know who you are) ... They really have put a smile on my face when I have had some very dark days, the kindness of MN never fails to amaze me - it has got me through these last 3 months and I am sure that it will help me soooo much in the future to get through life smile Thank You again for enabaling(sp?) my dc's to have a nice Christmas and just hope that we can all get through it without Craig.

LydiaTheTattooedLapin Tue 27-Nov-07 11:49:48

<punches directs Olive to this thread>

Mummy2TandF - you're so welcome. Hope your birthday went ok x

LadyOfWaffle Tue 27-Nov-07 12:16:54

Mine arrived today - one for DS and one for me I am still grinning like a maniac grin So thankyou very very very much whoever sent the gifts - you have written a note on some paper with pink hearts , flowers and a little girl holding a teddy so hopefully you know who you are! I can't wait to get the tree up so I can put them under it grin Thankyou!


charliecat Tue 27-Nov-07 12:44:58

Thank you to THE STARR FAMILY you know who you are even if I dont!!!! Thank you
I have wrapped the books and DDs were asking loads of questions about who why what where...I got sort of dribbly and mumbled about there being some fantasticly kind people in the worldgrinblushsmile

silkcushion Tue 27-Nov-07 21:26:50

big thank you to botbot. lovely surprise when my gift turned up - had forgotten all about it with my new first time mummy brain and sleep deprivation.

SantaBeClausImWorthIt Wed 28-Nov-07 08:39:16


Dior Wed 28-Nov-07 17:06:22

Message withdrawn

IThankYou Wed 28-Nov-07 18:05:54

Very grateful (and surprised) to be nominated so many thanks.

FS of B,H : thank you so much for the Argos vouchers, I am in shock at the amount. You are lovely and very generous smile

mummyhill Wed 28-Nov-07 18:26:40

Thank you to whoever nominated me. I was hopping to pay it forward this year but looks like I shall have to wait a bit!

quootiepiessanta Wed 28-Nov-07 21:44:03

QP, you're very welcome, and thanks for letting me know it arrived smile And I'd guessed who you were blushgrin Like I said, I really hope you get another parcel, as what I could give this year really was only very small, and I dont want you to be disappointed when others get huge gift vouchers etc. Have a lovely lovely xmas. smile

LadyOfWaffle Wed 28-Nov-07 23:12:45

OH no no no, don't be silly! It's really nice just to be thought about, honestly grin Thankyou so so much! grin xxxxx

hogwarts Thu 29-Nov-07 08:35:30

I'd like to thank the kind person who nominated me in the first place and whoever sent the parcel (im not sure if they are the same person??) Overwhelmed does not cover my reaction. To know that someone out there, someone who doesn't know me, went to the trouble to make up this special parcel is an act of kindness that I have never ever experienced. I've been very down lately and this really meant a lot to me. Knowing that strangers are there for me when my own DH isnt is very touching. It consisted of newborn baby essentials - babygros, vests, blanket, towel, hat, gorgeous lemon outfit, teddy and a special treat for mum - I cannot say thank you enough. I wish whoever you are a very happy Christmas.

IThankYousSanta Thu 29-Nov-07 08:42:30

IThankYou - you are very welcome - so glad they arrived. Would have loved to do something that involved a bit more effort and thought but far to hard from here. Post is dodgy at the best of times.

Enjoy spending!

TequilaMockinBird Thu 29-Nov-07 18:10:23

I'd like to say thank you so much to 'A,P,T C' for the gift vouchers which arrived yesterday.

It was a lovely surprise and actually brought a tear to my eye!

Thank you again xxxxx

TequilaMockinBirdsSanta Thu 29-Nov-07 22:37:48

TMB, you are most welcome! I hope you can get something lovely for Christmas with them grin

quootiepiessanta Fri 30-Nov-07 09:04:33

oh cobblers, I've only just read the thread that says 'dont wrap up kids pressies' blush <sighs at own ineptitude> Sorry QP! Feel free to unwrap and check before xmas. Its partly something ds will like, and partly something boring!

RabbitBurns Fri 30-Nov-07 11:37:06

I would like to thank nurseyJo who sent me yummy scrummy macaroons all the way from Paris! grin

Botbot Fri 30-Nov-07 14:04:17

Silkcushion, you are very welcome! (and sorry I wrapped it up - I'm new to this lark smile)

xmasthanks Sat 01-Dec-07 08:50:00

i would like to say a big thank you to whoever posted me the most lovely parcle.
Lots of M&S chocs and a gift voucher. You have made my xmas you really have.
It was so exciting to get a parcle addressed to 'the mumsnetter of the house'!
A truely wonderful thing.

thank you again

ManyThanks Sat 01-Dec-07 09:02:29

Thank you so much to my donor for the bubble toy for my ds (and my lovely card with biscuits on), he will love it. I was so touched to receive it, and couldn't explain it to dp for all my tears! blush It's so lovely to know people out there care, and I hope next xmas things are looking up in our household and I can be a donor too! smile

janestillhere Sat 01-Dec-07 16:58:39

Agalch (Amanda and family) I want to thank you so much for your extremely generous gift you sent us. It was M&S vouchers and it cheered me up more than words can say.
We are having a tough time re: health of both my parents and although Christmas won't be the same for us this year, we can jolly well try our utmost to give ds (8) a great day.
Thanks to you our tums will be full of fantastic food and I want to say thank you! Thank you! gringrin Thank you!
Merry Christmas and health and happiness to you and yours xxx

agalch Sat 01-Dec-07 19:27:51

Janestillhere,you are more than welcome and i hope that you and yours have a fab day.

I am sorry to hear that your parents are ill.

Take care and enjoy the yummy food xxx

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