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If you are offended by flatulence don't bother with this thread just show it to your DH/DS they will love it!!

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Sparkler Sat 24-Nov-07 23:31:25

what will happen if you eat too many sprouts this christmas

mymatemarmite Sat 24-Nov-07 23:36:16

How funny!

DrSpeckschwarteSurprise Sat 24-Nov-07 23:37:44


mistypeaks Sat 24-Nov-07 23:40:20


JamesAndTheGiantBanana Sat 24-Nov-07 23:57:42


coppertop Sun 25-Nov-07 00:00:44


kidsrus Sun 25-Nov-07 00:04:02

how far did you get i got mrs fart too!
good laugh have to show dh in the morn

Sparkler Sun 25-Nov-07 00:07:52

I got to the baby smile

andaPartridgeinClareV Sun 25-Nov-07 00:10:35 sprout just exploded grin

hunkermunker Sun 25-Nov-07 00:10:44

I just blew up Granny Poopants...scored 2089.

pinkspottywellies Sun 25-Nov-07 00:11:57

I don't normally find flatulence particularly funny but PMSROFLOLOLOLOL!! grin

kidsrus Sun 25-Nov-07 00:13:31

never heard a baby fart so loud!
level 7 then granny exploded

OverRated Sun 25-Nov-07 00:14:44

Oh dear grin

KnockKnockKaloosThere Sun 25-Nov-07 00:16:59

brilliant my dc's will love this

amytheearwaxbanisher Sun 25-Nov-07 00:20:00


DrSpeckschwarteSurprise Sun 25-Nov-07 00:27:19

score 3543

Is it my imagination or does Granny need to fart more?

andaPartridgeinClareV Sun 25-Nov-07 00:30:18

grin my fingers hurt now... 4257 though, then granny exploded... lol... but its late now and i should be sleeping.... but maybe just one more go

pinkspottywellies Sun 25-Nov-07 00:37:18

Just scored 5757 then starved Mr Sproutifart to death!

Sparkler Sun 25-Nov-07 11:45:46

It's quite addictive isn't it? smile

ellceeell Sun 25-Nov-07 12:08:05

8543 and Level 8 !

Thank you - I think grin

Sparkler Sun 25-Nov-07 22:12:50

Another bump cos it's too good to miss. smile

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Sun 25-Nov-07 22:26:51

Love it! Have just emailed it to DS's school email address so he can spread it around the school... grin

kidsrus Mon 26-Nov-07 22:26:08

bump love it dh just saved to favs

lou33 Mon 26-Nov-07 22:29:29

lol i now so many who will like this

kidsrus Wed 28-Nov-07 00:08:50

has anyone seen attack of the sprouts? here

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