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Stocking fillers for a toddler

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dancerandprancer Sat 24-Nov-07 15:39:31

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for stocking fillers for a two year old little girl. Stuck or ideas. Help!!!

babblington Sat 24-Nov-07 15:46:11

socks, knickers, toothbrush, individual 'happy people' from ELC or Plastic 'in the night garden' characters individually wrapped, bouncy balls, snowman shaped soap, hair clips, fairy wand, bubbles, mini brush and or mirror, pretend lipstick, bubblebath in shape of barbie princess etc etc...\sort of things my 2 and 4 year old get!

numptysmummy Sat 24-Nov-07 15:47:06

I usually get (and mine are 9,7,3 and 1)
A small bouncy ball
A small xmas novelty toy - bendy santa type thing
New character knickers/pants (rest of the year thet are plain ones)
Something connected to their main pressie from us - makes santa seem really clever
Small cuddly/doll
Rolling pin/cutters for play doh
Choclate santa
net of coins
hair clips
sheet of stickers

I also put their christmas outfit in their stocking and a new dressing gown each year

ArmadilloDaMan Sat 24-Nov-07 15:54:14

Last year when ds was 2 we got him a big (v. cheap) pack of toy food - 100 pieces or something. Then we took them out of pack and stuck them individually in his stocking.

He was very happy with them.

amidaiwish Sat 24-Nov-07 19:50:56

lots of good ideas here

and free delivery using the code HOHOHO

OverRated Sat 24-Nov-07 19:58:12

Crayons/ arty stuff
Wooden train
Small cars

selby Sun 25-Nov-07 19:27:03

Every year, I buy with these categories in mind - makes it a lot easier
1) Book
2) Puzzle
3) Small musical instrument
4) Bath Toy
5) Novelty Flannel
6) Novelty Choc
7) Small toy
8) Stationery/Underwear item

DontCallMeBaby Sun 25-Nov-07 20:24:48

DD was two last Christmas, and the Big Red Man brought her:

Minnie Mouse handbag and contents
magnetic balls and sticks
Nemo jelly lollies
white chocolate buttons
Princess playing cards
mini stamp set
coloured flashing light thing
pop-up clown
Princess pants
Charlie and Lola top
fizzy babies (Lush Ickle Baby Baff ballistics)
pencil with shaped eraser on end
three (free from Kleenex, ahem) bears (from the Big Red Man)

I'm not sure how I fitted that all in her stocking. Mostly courtesy of the Disney Store, Lush and Hawkins Bazaar ... and just about the only Christmas shopping I didn't do online last year.

maisiedaisy Sun 25-Nov-07 21:15:02

Thank ypu for link and code. I have just ordrered some stocking fillers for my DD who is 2.6
The stuff is really cheap but not plastic tat.
thanks again

wangle99 Mon 26-Nov-07 18:16:19

I always get a new toothbrush! he loves that. And a pair of socks. Exciting aren't I!

CranberryMartini Mon 26-Nov-07 18:28:51


Thanks also! Just ordered some things!

amidaiwish Tue 27-Nov-07 08:48:16

you're welcome!

DD1 wants (well i want to get her!) a LeapSter Plus Writing - but can't find one in stock. Any one seen it?

amidaiwish Thu 17-Dec-09 17:57:16

trawled through and found this - bumping for 2009, best stocking fillers for 4 year old girls anyone please!

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