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could we please have an online christmas shopping thread, where we swap great website recommendations?

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Heathcliffscathy Thu 15-Nov-07 17:58:06

and discount codes?

and present ideas

i want to do it all online this year...

MerryAnnSinglemas Thu 15-Nov-07 18:28:37

my favourites are and

Heathcliffscathy Thu 15-Nov-07 18:46:23

oooo love both of those merryann...thanks

Doodledootoo Thu 15-Nov-07 18:49:59

Message withdrawn

MrsBadger Thu 15-Nov-07 19:43:28

graham & green
thorsten van elten
hotel chocolat
paxton & whitfield
red direct
not on the high
I want one of

Heathcliffscathy Fri 16-Nov-07 20:07:56

thanks badg

VanillaPumpkin Fri 16-Nov-07 20:11:20

I recommend for toiletries. I just got my Clarins stuff from there and it was much cheaper, delivered free and arrived quickly.

onepieceoflollipop Fri 16-Nov-07 20:19:21

Just ordered off the - lovely site but stuff not arrived yet.
Code for free delivery: FSCPF (valid until end Dec)

stylishmum Fri 16-Nov-07 20:49:10 does beautiful things for babies and toddlers. Use voucher code NC07 for 10% discount. Love their eco friendly toys and the clothes!

moondog Fri 16-Nov-07 20:53:07

Hawkins Bazaar
Organised Mum
The White Company
Joe Brown (fantastically cool t shirts)
Cox & Cox

Have done all my shopping and wrapped.

lullabyloo Fri 16-Nov-07 21:00:10

lullabyloo Fri 16-Nov-07 21:04:59

lullabyloo Fri 16-Nov-07 21:07:25

lullabyloo Fri 16-Nov-07 21:12:40

lullabyloo Fri 16-Nov-07 21:13:14


MerryAnnSinglemas Fri 16-Nov-07 21:28:58

Lullabyloo - Whippet Grey looks v nice -
Lapin and me is one of my favourites - I've got a fair few things from there !

janeite Fri 16-Nov-07 21:32:36

Lullabyloo - that Rocket St George site has lovely things on it. Have you used them before?

cremolafoam Fri 16-Nov-07 21:38:34

shop by colour
paint your own clothes
funky stuff
gadgety things
eco christmas
fab stuff
a rose for the one you love

when you just can't bear it any more

cremolafoam Fri 16-Nov-07 21:39:25

v. nice decorations
for the teenager in your life
old fashioned stuff
for a musical kid
more eco stuff

MerryAnnSinglemas Fri 16-Nov-07 21:39:30

OMG re-found objects !! I've died and gone to heaven !

cremolafoam Fri 16-Nov-07 21:56:48

happy woof woof
practically a joke
viva la frida) ink{
lovely makeup and perfume) link{ or the baby who has everything
mrs booth

cremolafoam Fri 16-Nov-07 21:58:51

Mary ann singleton
you might like:
and \link(\this}

cremolafoam Fri 16-Nov-07 22:02:50

sorry a few got lost there:
labour and wait

punk rock baby


pyjamagirl Fri 16-Nov-07 22:13:28

This thread is great BTW

lullabyloo Fri 16-Nov-07 22:18:00

i've used all of them blush

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