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Christmas as a single parent?

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MrsSnape Sun 11-Nov-07 12:31:48

Does anyone else spend Christmas day on their own with their children? I am a single parent and last year was the first time I spent the day alone with my kids and I didn't mind too much...obviously I'd love to have a partner to spend times like this with at some point but in the meantime I didn't think it was too bad.

My mum always invites us to go there so that I'm not alone but I prefer to spend Christmas in my own home.

So, are there any other "billy-no-mates" at christmas? lol

MarkStretch Sun 11-Nov-07 12:50:33

Not exactly the same situation as you MrsSnape but my dd's dad lives in Northern Ireland (me in england) and she's going there on the 23rd of dec and not back til the 30th.

I don't have any other children so I will be childless this Christmas and I will miss her so much sad but its a good thing she gets to see his family.

Think I am just going to get roaring drunk on mulled wine and eat my bodyweight in quality street.

gailyfletch Fri 07-Oct-16 11:41:53


I wondered if anyone had any ideas for an 'alternative' Christmas day. Christmas has always been a family time for us and as my mom was religious we always went to church but ... my mom passed away a few months ago and we are all missing her terribly.. I know im going to find christmas very difficult this year and and I really want to do something different with my 7 year old (as a distraction) I cant face going to my sisters for dinner so it will be just me and my daughter.

I dont mind going away and staying over somewhere or giving my daughter a fun day out somewhere but cant find anything open on Christmas day. Any suggestions would be so much appreciated.

putthecatout Fri 07-Oct-16 11:47:58

We are in the same situation. One year we went to stay at a youth hostel that was open over Christmas, was in a lovely location overlooking the sea. We decorated our room. On Xmas morning went for a lovely walk by the sea, returned to make a quick lunch, and then made a full Xmas dinner for supper time. Presents, etc. It was v nice. There were some funny characters staying there over Xmas, but that made it all the more memorable!
A basic Christmas lunch doesn't take long to make, and can enjoy the rest of the day going out for a walk (could make this a treasure hunt), playing games, watching Christmas film, etc.

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