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photo onto canvas for xmas pressie??

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outinthesticksmummy Sun 28-Oct-07 08:40:38


Am thinking of getting my parents a photo of my DD put onto canvas for Christmas. Have had a look on ebay but there are so many companies doing it and charging such an aray of prices !!!!!! Has anyone ha this done and who did you use ?


NBheebieGeebies Sun 28-Oct-07 08:42:17

I think they are lovely.
I looked at doing them last year but couldnt afford it.

However since then I have learned that Asda have started doing them and their prices are quite competitive.

WideWebWitch Sun 28-Oct-07 08:43:59

My dh made 4 of these for me for my birthday. You can do it if you have the time and a decent printer. He got frames from Ikea and took the glass off, got canvas paper from Jessops, took and printed some great photos and then stretched the canvas around the frames and tacked it. They look great.

NBheebieGeebies Sun 28-Oct-07 08:55:45

That sounds really good www.
He should set himself up making his own!

outinthesticksmummy Sun 28-Oct-07 08:57:24

yeah have looked at Asda, not sure though, would like it done in black and white with little bits of colour thrown in. I've got a really gorgeous abstract face shot that we had done at Olan Mills a few months ago, bought the copyright.

WWW - your DH sounds lovely, cannot imagine my dH coming up with that idea. Unfortunatly my printer is decidedly dodgy

rdk Sun 28-Oct-07 21:22:53

there is a guy on ebay thats really good but of the top of my head cant think of his name but 2morrow will have a look for you between me and my sis we got 6 done and they were fab, you just send him ur picture and he takes it from there, within about 5 days you will have the

swedishmum Sun 28-Oct-07 21:46:28

I was looking at these on today - thinking of getting one for dd for Christmas. They do them over 4 canvases as well.

Flibbertybatsgiblets Sun 28-Oct-07 21:51:12

Check out the Truprint website, thats who I send all my pics to.
My friend had a canvas of her son done 2 years ago. Terrible for dust. And it will look soooo dated very soon.
Better have a lovely picture put in a contemporary frame then you can just change the frame with the fashions.
Just my opinion!!

MegBusset Sun 28-Oct-07 21:51:41

Photobox ( do them, and I think they might even do discounts for MNers. Have used them to get other gifts (prints, mugs etc) and always been v pleased with the service.

outinthesticksmummy Mon 29-Oct-07 06:50:46

Photobox prices start at £60, bit more than i wanted to pay really, but they are on 3 for 2 until tonight !!

would be interested in the ebay man

littlerach Mon 29-Oct-07 07:52:17

DH doe sthese himself too.
They do look fab and cost hardly anything to do.

rdk Mon 29-Oct-07 21:51:02

finally after spending 30 mins looking for this guy on ebay i finally found him, his name is paul coxx his sellers shop name is THE TIME MAN {in capitals]. i have had the A1 size which is really big 27pound and p+p £2.99. im going to order another one soon honestly you wont be disappointed there really good

nappyaddict Tue 30-Oct-07 15:22:55

you can get it cheaper than asda on ebay

nappyaddict Tue 30-Oct-07 15:27:25

my friend used these

outinthesticksmummy Wed 31-Oct-07 08:30:31

Thankyou so much for your help rdk, that more my price range smile Sorry for putting you to any trouble!

nappyaddict thanks also, will go have a look now

rdk Wed 31-Oct-07 09:20:08

thats no trouble, hope you get one sorted for that extra special present i got for dp mum annd she fell in love with it. they do all different sizes too.

nappyaddict Wed 31-Oct-07 16:32:16

oops i linked to the wrong people. it was these people she used

Kewcumber Wed 31-Oct-07 16:39:51

Anyone got a recommendation for someone to do Art prints from photos - you know warhol lookalike etc...

Snappysnaps charge about £70!

MrsTweedy Wed 31-Oct-07 17:04:36

You could probably do it yourself Kewcumber. I think you live near me, if you want to Cat me or email me via the addy on my profile I can give you some tips.

nappyaddict Wed 31-Oct-07 17:05:02

the link below does pop art ones for £35 but that's for a1 so if you wanted something smaller it would be cheaper.

Kewcumber Wed 31-Oct-07 19:45:15

Thanks MrsTweedy - I don;t have any fancy photoshop software though? I will cat you though.

MrsTweedy Sat 03-Nov-07 11:11:39 are doing 50% off canvas prints for today only.

outinthesticksmummy Mon 05-Nov-07 14:59:28

poo!! only just seen this? guess i missed out there

2tigger Mon 20-Oct-08 21:55:09

"Have had a look on ebay but there are so many companies doing it and charging such an aray of prices !!!!!!"

Having purchased both a very cheap eBay version as well as (later on) a "regular" canvas print, I can tell you that there is a difference in quality. The eBay one looked as having been hastily stapled together and posted off, while the other one gives the impression of being of very good quality (and it actually didn't cost that much more). They are can be found at

TheCowHerder Tue 05-Oct-10 16:17:59

Are you still looking for a good photo canvas company?? I got mine done at they were excellent and came 2 days later. I got a wedding photo done and also one of the children which is a massive 30x30, its really great, love it! Here is the code i got too for when i make another purchase, anyone can use it PHOTOIN773

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