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CHRISTMAS APPEAL - a couple of small extra points

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littleNonSpecificHolidaylapin Tue 23-Oct-07 09:51:11

Hi there

I knwo we've got a pinned thread, but a few things have come up in your emails that I thought I'd better address, and I thought if I put this on the big thread people would miss it.

1. the 6th October deadline refers only to your MN joining date. You have plenty of time to sign up - about 5 weeks left, until December 1st.

2. As far as I am concerned, this is completely anonymous. I won't be telling the recipients who the donors are or vice versa - donors will receive addresses but not real names - packages to be sent to Ms M. Netter wink. And I won't be listing recipient or donor names anywhere on the board.

3. If you are nominating yourself, PLEASE don't feel bad! (and please include your address! smile)

4. If you are donating specific things, it is helpful to tell me what they are, but "toys for a 4-5 yo girl" works as well, so don't worry if you haven't sorted them out yet.

5. I'll start matching people up in mid November, and I'll try and get you overseas types sorted out early.

Errrr.... I think that's it. If you've emailed me, you should have had a reply - if not please mail me again and shout at me!


Full details of the appeal are on the main thread which is pinned to the top of Active Convos.

Thanks all smile

StaceySlayer Tue 23-Oct-07 09:58:36

LL, just a small point made on the big thread (sorry not by whom), if the packages are address to Ms M Netter, what happens if they have to go to the post office to collect them, they won't have ID in the right name hmm

StaceySlayer Tue 23-Oct-07 09:59:20

Doh, not SURE by whom

littleNonSpecificHolidaylapin Tue 23-Oct-07 10:00:26

Ahhhh, now I was thinking about this, you can have the package redelivered! instead of having to collect it, you can phone up and ask them to redeliver. Then you don't need ID.

It is an issue, I agree, but there are some MNers who REALLY don't wish to have their RL names given out - some are like me, with odd last names that make you instantly identifiable!

PeachyFleshCrawlingWithBugs Tue 23-Oct-07 10:00:55

Doesn't that only apply for recorded delivery items or signed for services?

littleNonSpecificHolidaylapin Tue 23-Oct-07 10:08:49

The signing for, or the redelivery Peachy? You have to produce ID for all packages if you go and collect them from the Post Office.

StaceySlayer Tue 23-Oct-07 10:09:28

That's fair enough, I can imagine there are loads of MNers who would stay anon. Hadn't thought about the redelivery thing, good point!!!

Peachy, not sure about others but our post office parcel collection office won't let you collect ANYTHING without ID. Maybe they are just jobsworth's!!

sparkybabe Tue 23-Oct-07 10:12:10

I tought if you have the little card thing that they post throught the letter box with you, you can claim thats id enough?

MerlinsBeard Tue 23-Oct-07 10:15:24

LL, i can't have mine redelivered. I HAVE to go to sorting office and collect in person. Long story but just so you know that not everyone can have it redelivered.

Sorry i just made your job harder didn't i

PeachyFleshCrawlingWithBugs Tue 23-Oct-07 10:17:49

We never produce ID when we collect, I frequently collect Dh's business things- the sign at our PO says ID for recorded or special delivery only!

littleNonSpecificHolidaylapin Tue 23-Oct-07 10:18:36

No no, this is all helpful. Maybe for those MNers that really really don't want their name given out, I can match them with people donating vouchers, so that should solve the problem. smile

littleNonSpecificHolidaylapin Tue 23-Oct-07 10:19:30

Peachy, I went to collect something - they had only written our last name on the card, so didn't realise it was for DH not me - because I only had my ID, they wouldn't let me collect it hmm.

StaceySlayer Tue 23-Oct-07 10:19:35

Sorry LL didn't mean to cause a fuss blush

littleNonSpecificHolidaylapin Tue 23-Oct-07 10:20:00

Tis entirely cool, SS wink

MerlinsBeard Tue 23-Oct-07 10:20:38

i have to say that i haven't yet had to give ID but i have always been in a bit of a strop by the time i get there wink (its a nightmare!)

MarsLady Tue 23-Oct-07 10:21:15

They can always sign the card M. Netter and tick the blah blah has permission to collect bit!

littleNonSpecificHolidaylapin Tue 23-Oct-07 10:22:23


Oh, but don't you have to take the ID for the other person anyway?

MarsLady Tue 23-Oct-07 11:09:48


littleNonSpecificHolidaylapin Tue 23-Oct-07 11:12:01

Ok! grin

saltire Tue 23-Oct-07 11:16:48

Last year it never occured to me to be anonymous!blush I signed my card with my MN name!
I can't even remember the real name of the MNetter I sent to

littleNonSpecificHolidaylapin Tue 23-Oct-07 11:19:19

Well it's entirely up to you whether you want to be anonymous or not, but not my place to make the decision for you IYSWIM smile

MerlinsBeard Tue 23-Oct-07 20:41:26

does this need bumping alot?

ok tis bumped now anyway.....

JARM Tue 23-Oct-07 20:50:18

LL - have emailed you

littleNonSpecificHolidaylapin Tue 23-Oct-07 22:27:08

Emailed you back! smile

nappyaddict Sun 28-Oct-07 12:24:14

a lot of posties are going to wonder who all these M Netters are all of a sudden grin

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