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anyone happen to know the rest of the words to ...

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DeckTheHallsWithFRAUsOfHolly Sat 23-Dec-06 03:22:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MKGnearlyimmaculateconception Sat 23-Dec-06 04:24:54

The name of the song is "Pidiendo Posadas" I found the lyrics here posada

earlgrey Sat 23-Dec-06 06:05:54

I am truly convinced there is nothing MN can't solve .....

nerdgirl Sat 23-Dec-06 06:40:10

You said it EarlGrey!

earlgrey Sat 23-Dec-06 06:53:49

Just wondering, why your Ma neeeeeded it

DeckTheHallsWithFRAUsOfHolly Sat 23-Dec-06 18:16:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BlessThisMess Sat 23-Dec-06 18:20:14

Oh this is ringing bells with me - I played that song on the guitar at my first school concert when I was about 7 or 8 ... we are talking a LONG time ago now (35 years?) .... and the kids' TV in the background is not helping me concentrate, but .....

Lodging I beg you good man in the name of heaven
My wife is weary she says she can go no farther
Long have we travelled, have mercy on us, good man
God will reward you if you will give shelter to her....

If any more comes back to me, I'll let you know!

DeckTheHallsWithFRAUsOfHolly Sat 23-Dec-06 22:50:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HowSassilywondrousgiftisgivn Sun 24-Dec-06 10:23:53

A few more lines dredged from my memory!

Innkeeper: There is no room in this place
For any stranger
My house is full...
All of your pleading is vain
So go away, let us have our peace.

BlessThisMess Sun 24-Dec-06 23:16:41

I just can't remember any more - I have tried! The annoying thing is I only threw that guitar music away in a decluttering session in the past year or two. So .... where did your Mum teach?

Inkypinkypenandinky Mon 21-Nov-11 01:57:29

Lodgings I beg you good man in the name of heaven
My wife is weary and she can go no further
Long have I travelled have mercy on us good man
God will give mercy if you will give shelter to her

openclass Mon 21-Nov-11 03:34:24

Ahhh OP only had to wait 5 years - I LOVE it when this happens!

Tee2072 Mon 21-Nov-11 07:18:14

And yet, the topic is called Christmas 2008....

cartblanche Mon 21-Nov-11 12:13:11

Makes me want to look up all the old Christmas threads as I'm hanging out on this year's!

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