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Why do Christians celebrate Christmas?

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MrsSpoon Tue 19-Dec-06 16:42:28

Most people seem to know that Christmas has it's roots in the pagan Solstice celebration, that 25th December was not Jesus' birthday and there is no mention of Jesus celebrating his own birthday in the Bible?

Many people ask me about my beliefs (I'm a JW) but thought I would turn the tables as I am genuinely interested.

PeachyIsNowAChristmasFruit Sat 23-Dec-06 14:19:15

Yes, its that pro / against history that amde me choose it as a topic. There's also loads of slavery in Islam (and pre-Islam) and also Judaism of course.

I agree that most religions preach love, its just peolpe don't seem to be able to focus on that aspect of the message, which is sad. Whether you believe in Christ as Messiah or not, his message was fanatastic (and radical). Its a shame more peole cannot focus on that.

JBeth Tue 13-Nov-12 20:55:10

I agree it has pagan origins but all those associations have lost their significance today. So I think it is really down to conscience how far you take Christmas now. I see it as a national holiday. I'm a passionately committed Christian but don't go to church at Christmas. Our Christmas is a quiet day with a few gifts for the children. But I have friends who are evangelical Baptists and they only go the church service with no tree or gifts etc. Others of their church, have nothing to do with Christmas at all while others have a huge vulgar affair and go to both church and a week of parties. Our heart motive is everything when it comes to doing right as a Christian.

exexpat Tue 13-Nov-12 21:04:42


JBeth - no one else has posted on this thread for nearly six years. If you want to discuss Christmas, it might be a better idea to start a new thread somewhere.

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