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Why do Christians celebrate Christmas?

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MrsSpoon Tue 19-Dec-06 16:42:28

Most people seem to know that Christmas has it's roots in the pagan Solstice celebration, that 25th December was not Jesus' birthday and there is no mention of Jesus celebrating his own birthday in the Bible?

Many people ask me about my beliefs (I'm a JW) but thought I would turn the tables as I am genuinely interested.

KTreePee Wed 20-Dec-06 15:47:45

Well the more I read about the pagan, etc origins, the more I think it is worth celebrating! Vive la difference!

poinsettydog Wed 20-Dec-06 16:40:12

But Mrs spoon, why DO you go to church?

Goodness, you can break down pretty much anything and say there's no point to it.

If you want to pick apart one religious festival, pick apart all man-made customs and rituals.

BaileysMilkshake Wed 20-Dec-06 16:51:12

If this is true I would still continue to celebrate Christmas but rather than a celebration of Christs birth I will think of it as a celebration of his life!

I have been raised to belive it was the day of his birth - although have read other theories, but the whole ethos of Christmas for me is about enjoying the day with family, the family I have been given by God!

I dont go to church very often at all, but consider myself a Christian. When I had DD Christened I was told by our Reverend that you dont have to go to church to worship Christ, as long as you do what you belive to be right and instill good morals in your children. Which I belive I do

MrsSpoon Wed 20-Dec-06 17:01:51

Poinsettydog, I don't go to church. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and we generally meet in a Kingdom Hall (which looks and is run very different to a church). JW's don't celebrate Christmas.

MrsSpoon Wed 20-Dec-06 17:06:37

poinsettydog, you probably could break down everything and take it to bits and say there is no point to it. My question is one that has been rattling about in my head as I find it difficult to get my head round the mix of Christianity and Paganism.

Tortington Wed 20-Dec-06 17:09:27

we celebrate the birth of jesus because it signifies jesus to come.

so its not just the old nativity stuff in school it means much more.

yes the history is well known. however we celebrate christmas which is also at the same time as festivals of other belief systems. this doesn't make it any less valid.

MrsSpoon Wed 20-Dec-06 17:17:06

If a Christian celebration, why the pagan symbols, the tree etc?

Tortington Wed 20-Dec-06 17:26:37

i believe the tree was introduced by prince albert becuase it was a gift or something.

and you know everyone was a monarchist in those days - trend setting etc. so it became fashionaable to have a tree.

Tommy Wed 20-Dec-06 17:29:00

the symbols were there already and they have been taken on by the Church and given Christian meanings - the evergreen of the tree symbolising the everlasting love of Jesus and so on.

I wouldn't worry about it all so much MrsSpoon if I were you!

poinsettydog Wed 20-Dec-06 17:32:49

Many parts of a religion are obviously created by man, to provide a structure and a morality that suits human society.

You obviously have an issue with paganism - fair enough. As people have said, it is pretty much accepted that the dates of Christmas and Easter are based on earlier pagan festivals. It's no big secret. You obviously think any pagan foundation would demean a religion.

poinsettydog Wed 20-Dec-06 17:34:04

If you despise paganism that much, just come out and say it and then be thankful you're a JW.

liquidclocks Wed 20-Dec-06 17:36:17

Isn't Easter actually based on Passover?

Tortington Wed 20-Dec-06 17:36:24

i think prince albert made is fashionable to be honest.

Tortington Wed 20-Dec-06 17:36:36

the tree

Tortington Wed 20-Dec-06 17:37:14

easter is ont he same festival as passover. and its the most importand christian date.

Tortington Wed 20-Dec-06 17:37:44

to christians. to celebrate i mean - easter thqt is

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tortington Wed 20-Dec-06 17:41:40

cos i have a birth certificate and my mother remembers clearly

SantaGotStuckUpTheGreensleeve Wed 20-Dec-06 17:42:24

Easter is also based around an ancient festival celebrating the pagan goddess of Spring, birth and renewal, Eostre (hence oestrogen etc) which explains the significance of eggs/Spring flowers/littl fluffy lambs/rabbits.

Tortington Wed 20-Dec-06 17:43:34

which is the same jesus message - new life etc

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MerryMellowmas Wed 20-Dec-06 17:44:27

MrsSpoon What do you do at this time of year, what do you do on christmas day for example

SaggarClaus Wed 20-Dec-06 17:44:46

I'd like to know that too. My BIL is a JW and I daren't ask him.

Tortington Wed 20-Dec-06 17:44:55

i understand its just another day for JW.

MerryMellowmas Wed 20-Dec-06 17:45:26

Yes I always wondered about the birthdays too FIL had explained it but I have forgotten

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