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The Mumsnet Nativity Play, Christmas 2006

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TheMumsnetNativityNarrator Mon 18-Dec-06 21:55:08

Good evening, ladies and truckers.

The children have worked very hard this term to bring you this, so without further ado, here is the Mumsnet Nativity 2006.


This is the story of Mary, Joseph and the birth of Baby Jesus. Along the way we shall meet shepherds, angels, wise men, a crotchety innkeeper and all manner of animals.

Our story starts with Mary having a very special visitor...

ptmum Mon 18-Dec-06 22:18:28

Enter grumpy innkeeper who wanted to be the main keeper not the NO rOOM MAN

JollyOldSaintNikkielas Mon 18-Dec-06 22:19:02

<Nikkie cowers down in the audience in case anyone recognises mad sheep as her dd2>

PercussionSection Mon 18-Dec-06 22:21:05

Throws castanets at mad sheep...

clatter clatter clatter

Mad sheep (who has adopted the 'method') runs around stage with castanets in mouth pretending to eat them.

PercussionSection Mon 18-Dec-06 22:21:07

Throws castanets at mad sheep...

clatter clatter clatter

Mad sheep (who has adopted the 'method') runs around stage with castanets in mouth pretending to eat them.

grumpyinnkeeper Mon 18-Dec-06 22:21:14


ptmum Mon 18-Dec-06 22:21:24

teacher hisses ' ellie get off at once '

PercussionSection Mon 18-Dec-06 22:21:40

Oops, sorry... got a bit excessively percussive on the old 'post' button there!

StarofBethlehem Mon 18-Dec-06 22:22:01

Glitter is falling off all around the stable set.

NiceInnkeeper Mon 18-Dec-06 22:22:56

Yes, come in, we've got lots of room, would you like an en suite?

ptmum Mon 18-Dec-06 22:23:32

wood blocks bang twice ....two mins after door knocked and while grumpy innkeeper two is speaking

PercussionSection Mon 18-Dec-06 22:24:52


SecondNarrator Mon 18-Dec-06 22:26:35

[loudly over Misguidely Nice Innkeeper]


DonnerDasherDancerDior Mon 18-Dec-06 22:27:27

This nativity should have got to the baby bit by now. And who keeps waving that bloody star around?

PercussionSection Mon 18-Dec-06 22:31:16


No particular reason, but things seemed to be drying up so I thought I'd get my triangle out.

foxtrottothefestivegrotto Mon 18-Dec-06 22:31:38

Cockerel <<<Is the Baby Here Yet?>>>>

ReluctantNarrator Mon 18-Dec-06 22:32:14

an maryhadthebaby an laidhiminamanger an abrightstarappeared an kingssawthestarfromfaraway an followedthestar

pushymum Mon 18-Dec-06 22:33:34

''sorry, sorry, do excuse me'' <<beams braodly at audience before pushing vicar aside for seat in front row and proceeds to rummage in handbag for rustly sweets and enormous videocamera>>

DonnerDasherDancerDior Mon 18-Dec-06 22:34:39

Shouldn't that be 'pushy, very late mum'?

foxtrottothefestivegrotto Mon 18-Dec-06 22:34:51

Kings arrive on hobby horses, and skid to a halt in fornt ogf the baby jeezuz
<<we bringed ya some presunts>>

1stwiseman Mon 18-Dec-06 22:35:23

Look. a. Starin the East. Let. Us . Followit. For today in beffleham a king is born.

2ndwiseman Mon 18-Dec-06 22:36:51


DINOsaurmummykissingsantaclaus Mon 18-Dec-06 22:37:31


You've missed the bit with the shepherds. And what about PA RA PA PA PUMMMM!?

Pushymum Mon 18-Dec-06 22:37:35

<Still beaming broadly>>

''Can we just do the triangle bit again for the camera? My boy Billy you know. so talented. Self-taught you know...''

3rdwiseman Mon 18-Dec-06 22:37:45

is it my turn to wear the beard yet?

go on, you've had it aages

DeckTheHallsWithFRAUsOfHolly Mon 18-Dec-06 22:38:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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