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The Mumsnet Nativity Play, Christmas 2006

(111 Posts)
TheMumsnetNativityNarrator Mon 18-Dec-06 21:55:08

Good evening, ladies and truckers.

The children have worked very hard this term to bring you this, so without further ado, here is the Mumsnet Nativity 2006.


This is the story of Mary, Joseph and the birth of Baby Jesus. Along the way we shall meet shepherds, angels, wise men, a crotchety innkeeper and all manner of animals.

Our story starts with Mary having a very special visitor...

TheAngelGabriel Mon 18-Dec-06 21:56:18

Hello, Mary!

Oh, sorry, did I make you jump?

AngelNo3 Mon 18-Dec-06 21:57:06

<cries - "i want mummy">

MaryMotherOfJesus Mon 18-Dec-06 21:57:07

<<gazes with wide eyes, having forgotten lines>>

Miaou Mon 18-Dec-06 21:57:12

<<<<round of applause for AG whose halo has slipped slightly>>>>

MaryMotherOfJesus Mon 18-Dec-06 21:59:09

<<pulls at blue dress>>

yulemoonfiend Mon 18-Dec-06 21:59:34

'''ooh, er, hello there'' <<hisses to unseen person to stage right ''get yer trousers on, quick, and get into the wardrobe, someone's at the door, and it ain't Joseph!>>>

Miaou Mon 18-Dec-06 21:59:56

Loud whispered hiss <<Stop picking your nose Mary>>

NativityPrompt Mon 18-Dec-06 21:59:58

<<hisses line at Mary>>

2ndKing Mon 18-Dec-06 22:00:15


yulemoonfiend Mon 18-Dec-06 22:00:25

whoops, sorry, wrong thread!

MaryMotherOfJesus Mon 18-Dec-06 22:00:59

Hello, Angel.

I like your wings.

thechoir Mon 18-Dec-06 22:02:58

Likkle don.key. Likkle. DON.key.tum-ti-tum. la la.
Likkle DONK-ey. cary MARy. Safely on. her waaaayyyyy.....

StarofBethlehem Mon 18-Dec-06 22:03:54


Miaou Mon 18-Dec-06 22:04:02


MrsMaloryTowers Mon 18-Dec-06 22:04:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ptmum Mon 18-Dec-06 22:05:52

Mary was very pleased to hear such great news, especially as she only got to be a sheep last year

MrsBadger Mon 18-Dec-06 22:06:00

<takes photograph and blinds entire cast with flash>

<snivels into hankie>

ThreeWiseWomen Mon 18-Dec-06 22:06:13

Virgin my ass.......

ThreeWiseWomen Mon 18-Dec-06 22:06:41

I knew her at school, proper little goer she was.

thechoir Mon 18-Dec-06 22:06:56

<<<Loudly, with great gusto>>>


<<Huge breath>>


etc etc

MrsMaloryTowers Mon 18-Dec-06 22:06:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThreeWiseWomen Mon 18-Dec-06 22:07:09

Drop them for a bag of chips and 20 Woodbine.

StarofBethlehem Mon 18-Dec-06 22:07:14

<still twinkling> (glitter on a star-shaped card - waved with gusto by Gabriel)

thechoir Mon 18-Dec-06 22:07:46

<<four beats too late, young billy remembers his triangle>>>


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