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Ideas for a couple gift

(8 Posts)
mel36 Sun 26-Oct-08 10:50:05


the body shop do some gorgeous home fragrance gifts
i can supply at 20% off for you ?
let me know if interested

DingDongTiptoesMerrilyOnHigh Mon 11-Dec-06 17:51:41

A nice photo album

photo frames

tree or shrub to plant in the garden

selection of cheese and wine

fairyfly Mon 11-Dec-06 17:46:58

A hamper.

brookeslay Mon 11-Dec-06 17:42:27

Ohh theatre vouchers might be good as they live in Warwickshire and are near the RSC.

I thinking I must have lost my thinking cap after tracking down pressies for the rest of His family. I might actually start my family my this week.

ty brooke x

paulaplumpbottom Mon 11-Dec-06 17:39:29

Get something for the house that she will like. Men never really notice gifts anyway.

Queenmummy Mon 11-Dec-06 17:38:16

Nice wine
Cinema or theatre vouchers
Coffee table book on something/somewhere they are interested in
National Trust membership
Garden centre vouchers (if they are into this)
Subscription to a magazine they are interested in (National Geographic?)

Tortington Mon 11-Dec-06 17:31:58

fancy biscuits

brookeslay Mon 11-Dec-06 17:31:13

Hi Girls,

Wondering whether any one had some ideas for a joint pressie for a couple in their fifties (MIL cousin).

My partner and I are visting with His parents and sister and they are laying on a special early christmas dinner.

Money isn`t that brilliant this year but they have gone to lots of trouble.

Saying that I`m not looking forward to it much as His sister hasn`t got a partner and makes me feels guilty for having one. She is generally miserable the best of times.

cheers brooke

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