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Help! Blooming Marvellous not so marvellous

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twickersmum Sun 10-Dec-06 13:06:12

they have just sent me a computer generated letter to say the wooden kitchen i ordered weeks ago is out of stock. AH!
Anyone know where i can get one? (the wooden and red one £99)

PinkTinsel Sun 10-Dec-06 13:10:05

mimitoys have one but they're irish so you'd have to check would shipping be a ridiculous price. 145 euros is about 100 pounds so the same price

dizzymac Sun 10-Dec-06 13:30:44

You could try GLTC they have a beautiful red wooden one for £99

SpaceCadet Sun 10-Dec-06 14:04:01

or jo jo maman bebe??

twickersmum Sun 10-Dec-06 14:13:57

thanks for these, very helpful.
can't see one on jojo.

Sunshinesmith Mon 05-Jan-09 22:36:05

Blooming Marvellous in trouble

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