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Dh's weird Christmas family traditions?

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MerryChipmonkAndAHappyNewey Wed 06-Dec-06 23:40:48

MIL believes in buying loads of crap presents for a person instead of buying one decent one. With the result that last year she gave me, among other things a bag of 400 nappy sacks and a pack of baby wipes. Thing is, I use neither because I use cloth nappies and re-usable wipes. But because it takes ages to open all the little individual crap presents, and it only takes a few minutes for her to open the nice present I've gotten for her, she makes me feel as if I've gone to no effort at all!

Stockingsofdinosaurs Wed 06-Dec-06 23:27:02

Oh Janitor, how old were you?

Stockingsofdinosaurs Wed 06-Dec-06 23:21:29

Just being boring and never getting any fresh air.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

flutturkey Wed 06-Dec-06 22:55:05

Ooooohhh sausages wrapped in bacon yum yum yum!!!!!

Anyway I have been sooooo lucky DH and his family never really celebrated Christmas with anything other than a visit to church, no presents, no dinner no stupid traditions.

When DH first had Christmas with my family I think he nearly had a break down the house was packed full (7 siblings) and noisy with grown adults who behave like children at Christmas. He loves it now and can't wait for it every year.

hatwoman Wed 06-Dec-06 22:51:59

we've ended up compromising on the present opening. some in the morning and some later on. I'm not convinced on that one. tinsel is absolutely utterly banned.

SantaGotStuckUpTheGreensleeve Wed 06-Dec-06 22:49:41

Cheese in bacon, as well as sausages in bacon!! He can stick that up his arse!

Quootiepie Wed 06-Dec-06 22:47:57

Waiting until after lunch/dinner to open the presents... ive knocked that one on the head sharpish!

Oh, and not a tradition as such, but... tinsel. Ive banned it

hatwoman Wed 06-Dec-06 22:45:49

christmas dinner on christmas eve. but am now a prosylete

HoHoHorsewoman Wed 06-Dec-06 22:41:18

DH used to knock over the fireguard and tramp the ashes across the floor to look as though santa had done it. Never cleaned it up next day, though. Apparently his dad used to do it (bet he never cleaned it up either, in fact surprised he bothered to do anything for his kids at all)

WanderingTroll Wed 06-Dec-06 22:29:05

A big fight.
Every year.


This year they all get Bach Rescue Remedies and, if things get physical, arnica.

deaconblue Wed 06-Dec-06 22:26:28

What weird traditions do your husbands/partners' families have? I now have to buy extra presents for the tree to give to us on Christmas Eve thanks to Dh!

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