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Dh's weird Christmas family traditions?

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deaconblue Wed 06-Dec-06 22:26:28

What weird traditions do your husbands/partners' families have? I now have to buy extra presents for the tree to give to us on Christmas Eve thanks to Dh!

chopchopbusybusy Fri 08-Dec-06 12:36:08

My MIL thinks Christmas presents should be opened on Christmas Eve (apparently the Royal Family do this.) Hmmm... delusions of grandeur. I flatly refuse to do this but will usually (for the sake of harmony) agree to open a tree present - no my family never had those either - at midnight. Love her really.

Tempted to do the crisp thing this year though

Snowstorm Fri 08-Dec-06 11:57:31

At my parent's house, however, tradition is at Christmas pudding time for my father to light the brandy pooling the pudding and to circle the dinning room table (with all of us sat at it) once, can't remember whether it's clockwise or anti-clockwise, whilst trying to keep the pudding flame alight ...

See, that's so completely normal isn't it? <ha!ha!ha! emoticon>

Snowstorm Fri 08-Dec-06 11:50:09

It was a full Christmas dinner (minus the roast potatoes) ... plus the crisps ... think they were ready salted .

NOELallie Fri 08-Dec-06 11:39:23

Mum always did tree presents too but not until after supper. That's one tradition I've given up on - my kids get quite enough as it is

Chloewhitechristmas Fri 08-Dec-06 10:49:59

Mioaw's xmas day sounds like something off The Royal Family!

Things are fairly normal with both sets of parents but with my family we always get a pillow case filled with little prssies all individually wrapped (normally crap freebies mum gets with magazines) but fun all the same. She would always leave them in our room in the middle of the night and it amazed me that I never heard her......until last year - I was truly, truly gutted - I wsas pg at the time and didn't sleep well - dh also gets a pillowcase, we will never grow out of it and now PILS also leave us a pillowcase when we go to theirs because DH said it wasn't xmas without one now

santasaltire Fri 08-Dec-06 10:46:45

Tree presents - yes that sounds like my mother. When we were little, all our presents from FC and assorted relatives were piled up on a chair each. Then after dinner, we got a "tree present"!.
However, DH and I put under the tree all the presents received from relatives, which are opende after breakfast. My mum however insits on giving us a tree present to open after lunch!

maycontainstress Fri 08-Dec-06 10:33:02

Luckily, I haven't had to suffer the PIL for the past two years since being single, thank GOD.

When the DTS were having their first Christmas at the age of 1, just getting into seeing presents at 7am and the PIL turned up, and the BIL and his wife and 2 kids, then the SIL and the other BIL, my whole house was full of them at 7am. We hadn't opened a single present or even had a cup of tea. They were all blind drunk from the night before - their tradition - get wildly drunk Christmas Eve, hair of the dog Christmas Day

The following year I insisted no visitors, so MIL PHONED US at 7.30am and we waited about half an hour for exh to come back into the room to see the DTS open their presents from FC.

I don't miss them at all.

This year, I have a new DP and we have to buy 'TREE' presents, wtf??????????????? I don't think so.

I'm in the mad frenzy of wrapping paper camp

sunnysideup Fri 08-Dec-06 10:04:23

pmsl, rofl and wheezing at this thread, it's been priceless.

I think Victoria Wood or Jennifer Saunders must gbe able to get ALL their material for mad english women from the MILS on this site

I shall never forget crisps instead of roast potatoes.

Very sad for peaches having to wait ALL day for pressies....that really is mean.

fairyjay Fri 08-Dec-06 08:39:11

Now our children are older, we sort all our pressies into piles just before bed on Christmas Eve, and all get loads of pleasure looking at our pile, and guessing what's in there!

We then get up as early as possible, make some hot drinks, and pile in front of the fire to open our presents.

Maybe a bit control freakery - but I make a list of who sends what to whom, and we also open one at a time, so we can see each other's gifts. Makes the fun last longer too. We also have some bin bags on standby for the rubbish!

We're away this Christmas, but ds wants to leave all the pressies at home, so that we can have our 'Christmas morning' when we get back home!

NOELallie Fri 08-Dec-06 08:12:15

peachesMclean - we don't open pressies till after lunch . You could try giving me a talking to if you like but I don't think it would help. We like it that way.

However I do get up about 5am and lunch is always over by 1pm so not quite so cruel....

hotmulledwinemama Thu 07-Dec-06 23:21:35

Please tell me she didn't pour gravy over the crisps? Ew

hatwoman Thu 07-Dec-06 23:20:02

pmsl at the crisps. did she manage any veg or did you just have ketchup?

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BahHunkBug Thu 07-Dec-06 23:07:53


You can buy roasties if she found them that hard!

She manage a turkey OK, or did she just open a tin of spam?

themoon66 Thu 07-Dec-06 23:02:37


JollyOldSaintNikkielas Thu 07-Dec-06 22:50:40

Think crisps wins

Snowstorm Thu 07-Dec-06 22:15:02

My first couple of Christmas's at P-I-L, I was surprised and startled to find that M-I-L found roast potatoes a bit of an effort and so we got served crisps instead of them with our Christmas dinner

PeachesMcLean Thu 07-Dec-06 22:11:57

DH's family fairly normal. The worst tradition was with my family - my mum would insist that we weren't allowed to open our presents until after lunch. And because mother wasn't going to get up early to cook (don't blame her actually) we didn't eat until 5pm or 6pm. So it could be 7pm before we opened presents. Deeply frustrating as a child and took all the fun out of the day.
If you know of anyone trying anything similar in this day and age, I'll personally go round and give them a serious talking to!

Stockingsofdinosaurs Thu 07-Dec-06 22:03:39

Like the idea of football in the park but I would probably not be able to help myself staying home and stressing about dinner hence going for Hatwoman's Xmas eve turkey next year.

maryhadaharpsichordyeahlord Thu 07-Dec-06 21:54:56

<snigger> at the boozy cakes.
lol at the bottle of Lieb between 7
ditto, only Blue Nun <gag>

Boobooroastingonanopenfire Thu 07-Dec-06 21:33:00

Maryhadaharpsichord: I think my MIL started experimenting with weird booze in cakes because she thinks I'm an alcoholic, and wants to please me.

This started when I insisted on taking champagne to theirs on Christmas Day, because otherwise we end up with one bottle of Liebfraumilch between 7 of us.

santasaltire Thu 07-Dec-06 21:27:35

We haven't actually had christmas anywhere other than our own house. However MIL, and my mum still expect us to do their traditions when they come to stay

paulaplumpbottom Thu 07-Dec-06 21:26:17

Do you usually ask?

maryhadaharpsichordyeahlord Thu 07-Dec-06 21:24:05

oh I manage to get a bottle of beer
if I ask for it
then everyone Looks at me, in a significant manner
oh there she goes, the big ole boozer

heavenlyghosty Thu 07-Dec-06 21:19:50

Wierd family traditions of DH's family ...
Hmmm, let's see - how about giving presents to eachother when they all hate eachother .... how about getting all knickers in a twist about spending Christmas day together when they don't talk to eachother AT ALL for the rest of the year ...
Oh and MIL's classic "Spend Christmas day with me but don't expect me to get food for all of you, I have a ham and some salad, don't expect me to get food/cook for the children ...."
A few years ago we spent a fortune coming from the UK to NZ for Xmas and ended up buying all our food ....

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