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Dh's weird Christmas family traditions?

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deaconblue Wed 06-Dec-06 22:26:28

What weird traditions do your husbands/partners' families have? I now have to buy extra presents for the tree to give to us on Christmas Eve thanks to Dh!

deaconblue Mon 11-Dec-06 20:38:45

No wonder sister and I are both bird phobic - it's the evil devil robins on the tree!!!

swedishmum Mon 11-Dec-06 19:17:25

Thanks Greensleeves and Mercy - I'm really looking forward to it! I'm not really Swedish though have lived there. I just never changed my name back. Big Santa Lucia celebration on 13th Dec (will be making saffron buns with dd to take into school) and a big buffet meal on Christmas Eve. I loved it, especially going out for a snowball fight after Christmas Dinner! Also ALL the shops did gift wrapping or offered gift boxes, even H and M!

Mercy Mon 11-Dec-06 17:04:35

Swedishmum, as Greensleeves says, I really hope you enjoy YOUR Christmas this year.

btw, what do Swedish people do at Christmas?

poinsettydog Mon 11-Dec-06 16:53:35

shoppingbags, robins, yes robins!

Those evil birds do not just haunt my mind.

Hadalifeonce Mon 11-Dec-06 16:40:08

I Love Christmas, the dc's wake us up with their stockings which have been left in their rooms (not last year as DS woke up & DH was left like a rabbit in the headlights with a Christmas stocking in his hand, so was left outside his door!) They pile onto our bed & open the presents. We all then head dowstairs to see if Santa has been, DH opens the champagne, I bring in the mince pies, and ds plays 'postman' with the presents. We try to keep a note of who has given what. Once the dc's have opened their presents we open ours between refills of champagne and mince pies, and the mundane tasks if turning the oven on etc. Generally, the mince pies are enough to keep us going until lunch about 1:30. Then we play games & with presents. Sometimes someone will declare there is a particular film/program on they would like to watch. Which everyone else can watch or ignore if they so choose. It's much the same whereever we are for Christams day.

FioFio Mon 11-Dec-06 16:01:09

Message withdrawn

FioFio Mon 11-Dec-06 16:00:21

Message withdrawn

WonderCod Mon 11-Dec-06 15:55:49

MY in laws and dh spend a alot of time haevign the same conversations abotu family relation ship disasters every year

also" Joan is she ok"
" is mary ok


WonderCod Mon 11-Dec-06 15:52:45

lol at cirpss and hc and her bottle of beer

achristmasshoop Mon 11-Dec-06 15:50:18

When I lived at home, my christmas was....
Wake up early, wake up mum and dad and everyone down to livingroom.
Me and sis would open pressies together, then we would give mum and dad theirs to open.
No brekkie, would eat chocolate from selection pack
Nan and Grandad would come round and we'd open pressies from them.
Huge lunch cooked by mum (Mum and Nan would fight over washing up, but would always do it together while we played with our toys.)
Sometimes out to another relative in the evening on dads side of the family.
My christmas now....
Wake ds and dp up early.
Everyone into livingroom to open pressies - together. Spot of brekkie for ds then up to mum and dads.
Will hand out everyones pressies and everyone will open them after ds has opened his.
Nan will come round, open more pressies, then lunch.
For tea, Turkey sarnies with pickled onions - Yum.
That was incredibly long, won't bother to bore you all with boxing day

SantaGotStuckUpTheGreensleeve Mon 11-Dec-06 15:28:00

swedishmum, your post brought a tear to my eye. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year, with everything just the way you've always wanted it.

xmasstocking Mon 11-Dec-06 15:24:44

Whoever it was (too many posts to remember) with the vodka cake - my MIL made an ouzo trifle one year - yum yum!!! And for starters we always had melon balls drowned in whatever other alcohol she could find - peach schnapps, more ouzo, vodka

deaconblue Mon 11-Dec-06 15:13:45

My mum has some of those - they are robins with evil beady eyes! Sis and I used to compete to find the best place to hide the robins. I think she's finally chucked them thank goodness

poinsettydog Sun 10-Dec-06 23:04:07

Having tree decorations of scabby birds made with real feathers.

Luckily dh did not want to continue that tradition.

swedishmum Sun 10-Dec-06 22:52:26

MY family were weird. As a vicar's daughter and only child I remember many years when I'd get dragged round the wards of the psychiatric hospital my dad worked in with my violin on hand to visit everyone. One year they didn't put up decorations, and one year we had lunch off plastic plates in the staff canteen because it was free. One year I got a duvet as a main present but no cover. One year they went visiting sick people without me and I sat on my own at home all afternoon. One year I cooked Christmas dinner because they were busy with church (I was about 13 I think) and we ate it on our knees.
Mum died this year and I feel as though for the first time we can do what we want as a family without her disapproving silently. Hope that doesn't sound too awful. Feel better for the rant. Christmas at our house this year. Just need a way to avoid ILs watching soaps.....

bigdipper Sun 10-Dec-06 22:21:03

Message withdrawn

MrsSchadenfreude Sun 10-Dec-06 22:14:18

Oh yes, Meowmix, the inane conversations -
"Oh, yes, I was saying to June, wasn't I, June, that I'd seen Margaret in town and she'd put on a lot of weight. Or, no, it was Doris that had put on weight, wasn't that right, June? June?"

(June snoring loudly in armchair having lost the thread and consciousness half an hour ago...)

23balloons Sun 10-Dec-06 21:59:06

This thread is hysterical and has really made me laugh - thank you. Dh's family live in Oz and we visited last year I was fuming as the kids had to wait for grandma to arrive and then have a cup of coffee etc before they could open a single present. At home they get them as soon as they get up. I suppose most people go with what they grew up with. I tend to find Christmas a bit boring myself - I think I will have plenty to drink this year!!

kickassangel Sat 09-Dec-06 17:08:01

my in laws do tree presents, from the tree, (supposed to hide the identity of the giver), to be opened on boxing day, so it's not too much of an anti-climax.
my mum does little presents on the tree, for if people call in, or for boxing day if you're staying.
no-one in our families lets you open anything on christmas eve. i'm going to upset mil by starting on the christmas cake a day early (cos i can't be bothered with making a pudding)

deaconblue Fri 08-Dec-06 21:38:51

Dh's tree presents are not the same as presents under the tree which we also have!!! It seems to be a little extra present that you get to open on Christmas Eve.

maycontainstress Fri 08-Dec-06 15:32:10

Thanks everyone. Mum's started doing table presents too, bless her.

Presents everywhere!

corrina28 Fri 08-Dec-06 15:09:54

we have always had table presents, but that was something that my dad started as he would buy us all jewellery for xmas and insist that we opened it between starter and main course, but now we let dc make their own christmas crackers for everyone instead.

nogoeswithbellson Fri 08-Dec-06 14:47:14

Maycontainstress, in my family tree presents have always been the main big presents but it appears that everyone seems to do it differently.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

maycontainstress Fri 08-Dec-06 14:41:22

Can someone please explain their definition of a tree present to a 'tree present virgin'. My DP says its something little, like an inexpensive present. Um. All my presents are like that.


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