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Fellow Mner needs awful present for awful ILS any ideas?

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yULeYSEES Sun 03-Dec-06 11:05:12

much appreciated

taylormama Sun 03-Dec-06 13:26:59

shot glasses with amusing slogans on

Chandra Sun 03-Dec-06 13:26:45

You don't need to worry about what to get at all as any gift, and I really mean ANYTHING, will be misunderstood and judged upon if you have really horrible inlaws.

So, stop wasting time, get her a bread loaf and you are sorted!

taylormama Sun 03-Dec-06 13:26:44

sensual massage oil
drinking game

taylormama Sun 03-Dec-06 13:26:12

fourty - my FIL does have one of those doorbells! Ne ne ne neeee, ne ne ne neeeee <<snort>>

How about a caricature of each of them
or (i think this is my best one yet) those reading glasses that you can buy from the chemist in maximum strength and in deirdre barlow stylee

fortyplus Sun 03-Dec-06 13:22:38

Collection of Lilliput Lane cottages
Models made of brass
Plastic gnomes & windmill for the garden
New doorbell that plays 7 different tunes
China ornaments of couples entwined - preferably naked
I'm on a roll now...

fortyplus Sun 03-Dec-06 13:08:13

I'll start with the obvious...
Chocolate hot water bottle
Ashtray for motorbike
Reusable Condoms
Subscription to NUTS magazine (for MIL, obviously)
One of those big china models of a shire horse complete with leather harness pulling a wooden gipsy caravan
Voucher for Anne Summers - or better still, a present from Anne Summers.
A mini skirt
A blow up doll (I'm on a bit of a theme, here, aren't I?)
One of those inflatable light up 6' tall models of Homer Simpson to put in the front garden at Christmas
Just about any of those imitation stone statues they sell in garden centres - but preferably a donkey (then you can tell fil it reminds you of him!!!)
An indoor fountain, preferably with fibre optic lights
One of those moving light up pictures they're selling at the moment in shopping malls (my kids are desperate for one!)
Remnant of pink shag pile carpet for their bathroom
I'll try & think of more...

SantasFattymumma Sun 03-Dec-06 13:00:33

those manky ceramic swans with plastic flowers in.

fortyplus Sun 03-Dec-06 12:58:17

ooh.. only just seen this one - I'll go away and have a think...

MrsXwithhorridILs Sun 03-Dec-06 12:28:56

thanks everyone! if you think of any more....

MrsXwithhorridILs Sun 03-Dec-06 12:18:47

oooh like the idea of leopard print loo seat!
would go very nicely in their pink loo!

MyTwoChocolateCoinsWorth Sun 03-Dec-06 12:17:31

david hasselhoffs greatest hits
paris hiltons cd
leopard print toilet seat
moustache bleaching kit (for mil)
therabreath PLUS "extinguisher" breath spray

etc etc

HumphreyCushiONtheFirstNoel Sun 03-Dec-06 12:16:35

a matching pair of monocles.
a tandem.
a unicycle each.
a weekend at the Bates Motel.

MrsXwithhorridILs Sun 03-Dec-06 12:14:40

hehe! inspired greeny!

SantaGotStuckUpTheGreensleeve Sun 03-Dec-06 12:11:29

How about matching headstones? As we all know, it can be very comforting to have a little help with those "final expenses".....<puts on best Thora Hird voice>

taylormama Sun 03-Dec-06 12:03:20

a sixpack of tennants super strength lager

taylormama Sun 03-Dec-06 12:02:47

a novelty telephone - like a rugby ball

taylormama Sun 03-Dec-06 12:02:17

tooticky - i suggested something similar but the toilet is truly inspired!

MrsXwithhorridILs Sun 03-Dec-06 12:00:52

yes its tempting!

fliky Sun 03-Dec-06 11:59:43

that loo has to be the go with!!!

TooTickyDoves Sun 03-Dec-06 11:54:09

How about this or this ?
So worthwhile but certainly not what they might be expecting.

MrsXwithhorridILs Sun 03-Dec-06 11:53:37

now I am sure something on here has got to make newsletter/round up!

fliky Sun 03-Dec-06 11:52:34

I am getting horrible sister in law Intmately Beckham...She will not get the joke but we all will!!!

Carmenere Sun 03-Dec-06 11:52:31

Fire extinguisher.

paulaplumpbottom Sun 03-Dec-06 11:47:36

Taylor, LOL at the matress protector! LOL

MrsXwithhorridILs Sun 03-Dec-06 11:46:57


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