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Fellow Mner needs awful present for awful ILS any ideas?

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yULeYSEES Sun 03-Dec-06 11:05:12

much appreciated

HumphreyCushiONtheFirstNoel Sun 03-Dec-06 11:06:57

How about those toe thongs that YorkieGirl linked to yesterday?

yULeYSEES Sun 03-Dec-06 11:08:23

good idea, keep em coming

taylormama Sun 03-Dec-06 11:09:11

a belt a size too small for MIL, and slippers a size too small for FIL.

taylormama Sun 03-Dec-06 11:09:54

out of date Xmas pudding??

SpookyMadMerryChristmasMummy Sun 03-Dec-06 11:10:12

TOE THONGS??? pmsl!!!

link purllease!

yULeYSEES Sun 03-Dec-06 11:10:28

haha! Are you reading this Mrs X?

PinkTinsel Sun 03-Dec-06 11:10:34

cheap shiny tat..... vases or horrible figurines they'll have to put it up in their home and see it every day!

taylormama Sun 03-Dec-06 11:11:08

or say graciously "we haven't bought pressies this year. we donated the money we would have spent on your to charity - i am sure you don't mind" - you could really do that actually - you would feel great and what could they say. Lots of charities have Xmas appeals and would appreciate the donation.

yULeYSEES Sun 03-Dec-06 11:11:15

Taylor, you're good at this

Carmenere Sun 03-Dec-06 11:11:44

Knicker elastic obviously.........

taylormama Sun 03-Dec-06 11:12:22

i know - i have difficult ILS ... plus maybe i am a bit evil

HumphreyCushiONtheFirstNoel Sun 03-Dec-06 11:12:40

YG's link from last night

HumphreyCushiONtheFirstNoel Sun 03-Dec-06 11:13:51

6000 piece jigsaw, so they can't use their dining table for months until it's finished!
(And remove 3 or 4 pieces before wrapping it up!)

taylormama Sun 03-Dec-06 11:13:58

humphrey - PMSl and ROFL - they are beyond hideous!!

yULeYSEES Sun 03-Dec-06 11:14:19

I thought as much taylor

Am loving the toe thongs, how about you Mrs X? I know you're there

yULeYSEES Sun 03-Dec-06 11:15:00

Humphrey!1 that's genius

taylormama Sun 03-Dec-06 11:15:04

pack of broken biscuits ...

MrsXwithhorridILs Sun 03-Dec-06 11:15:27

omg! these ideas are fab!

edam Sun 03-Dec-06 11:15:43

You could copy the awful MIL who gave a MNer several metres of knicker elastic.

yULeYSEES Sun 03-Dec-06 11:17:09


leave you to your shopping MrsX, ds1 is stealing my poota!!!!

MrsXwithhorridILs Sun 03-Dec-06 11:17:16

was thinking along the lines of as revolting cookie jar I saw on ebay that she can only use at xmas... but keep the ideas coming!

HumphreyCushiONtheFirstNoel Sun 03-Dec-06 11:18:29

a dice.

in a very small box, inside a bigger box, inside a bigger box etc.

taylormama Sun 03-Dec-06 11:19:23

anything which has on it "not for re-sale" like freebies from a hotel or free books which come with magazines ....

MrsXwithhorridILs Sun 03-Dec-06 11:19:41

ok. without too much detail she is a sah granny and he is an accountant..

they like to think they have high morals but i KNOW BETTER! Apparently other things are more important than child or grandchild

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