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Childrens mispronunciation of Christmas realted things.

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pepperpots Tue 28-Nov-06 16:02:08

ds1 calls him farmer titmas

mumatuks Tue 28-Nov-06 16:01:59

whoops, well, at least I got mispronunciation right!

UnderWitnessProtectionCod Tue 28-Nov-06 16:01:15

arf at realted

LaylaandSethsmum Tue 28-Nov-06 15:59:53

DD says Mary and Jovis!

mumatuks Tue 28-Nov-06 15:55:54

DS1 keeps calling it Pistmas, so we've got a Pistmas tree, Father Pistmas and Pistmas decorations.

Anyone else have any funny way of saying things?

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