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Childrens mispronunciation of Christmas realted things.

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mumatuks Tue 28-Nov-06 15:55:54

DS1 keeps calling it Pistmas, so we've got a Pistmas tree, Father Pistmas and Pistmas decorations.

Anyone else have any funny way of saying things?

LaylaandSethsmum Tue 28-Nov-06 15:59:53

DD says Mary and Jovis!

UnderWitnessProtectionCod Tue 28-Nov-06 16:01:15

arf at realted

mumatuks Tue 28-Nov-06 16:01:59

whoops, well, at least I got mispronunciation right!

pepperpots Tue 28-Nov-06 16:02:08

ds1 calls him farmer titmas

BettySpaghetti Tue 28-Nov-06 16:04:58

When DD was younger she kept asking who Lodgy was? DP and I were totally bemused as to who or what she was on about.

Eventually she explained by singing:

"Away in a manger
No crib for a bed
The little LODGY
Lay down his sweet head"

ledodgychristmasjumper Tue 28-Nov-06 16:05:15

PMSL at these. Not to bad on the pronunciation here but if someone would like to inform me on how to explain Christmas Eve to a 3 year old called Eve all advice would be great so far we're going round in circles.

scotlou Tue 28-Nov-06 16:06:43

"2 purple dugs" (turtle doves)

Nemoinapeartree Tue 28-Nov-06 16:08:08

ledodgy..funny enough Ds thinks christmas eve is when he will see your eve and then its christmas...

ledodgychristmasjumper Tue 28-Nov-06 16:08:30

mumatuks Tue 28-Nov-06 16:09:35

BettySpaghetti, yours reminded me of a Shirley Hughes story, where the little girl gets to be the "Angel-Gave-you-all" in her school nativity.

GooseyLoosey Tue 28-Nov-06 16:12:59

Have no idea what this was supposed to mean but ds (3) recently asked if he could have a Hindu for Christmas (I think nursery talk of Diwali confused him but not sure).

suedonim Tue 28-Nov-06 16:18:26

Ds1 used to call Jesus 'Cheesis'.

joelallie Tue 28-Nov-06 16:18:40

DS#2 says 'clistmas'. Father christmas is' farver (thanks to DH's estuary English) clistmas'.

AlienEars Tue 28-Nov-06 16:22:20

And the nativity took place in Bethany-hem, according to DD

Californifrau Tue 28-Nov-06 19:56:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Californifrau Tue 28-Nov-06 19:57:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pointydog Tue 28-Nov-06 20:11:53

Nothing to do with Cheristmas. But when dd1 was 3 she wanted us to sing jelliken scarecrow on dd2's birthday. Turned out to be:

She's a jelliken scarecrow
She's a jelliken scarecrow
She's a jelliken scarecrow
And so say all of us

(Jolly good fellow)

wangle99 Wed 29-Nov-06 07:14:18

Another DS here who says 'Farmer Christmas' (he is obsessed with all things farmlike though!)

RubberDuck Wed 29-Nov-06 07:25:26

Ds2 calls Reindeer 'radios'.

Thinking about it, ds1 always used to call them 'radiators'

Stockingsofdinosaurs Wed 29-Nov-06 09:44:46

My nephew was always visited by Farmer Jizmas

SpookyMadMummy Wed 29-Nov-06 10:13:13

my nephew (so I am informed) used to sing O Cwipmatwee!!!(for O Christmas Tree)

My sister has just let me in on thast little gem - my nephew is 13 now...

am sat here PMSL!

boomie Wed 29-Nov-06 10:53:13

DD2 says Farver Missmass!!!

JennyLeevesmilkandcookiesforSa Wed 29-Nov-06 10:53:28

Alvin calendar anyone? my 7 yr old still says that for advent calendar

Lio Fri 01-Dec-06 16:45:54

Hooray for morningpaper, would have missed thig without her newsround.

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