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Baby Annabell, is she worth it?

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mumatuks Mon 27-Nov-06 11:57:59

DS1, who is 3, has come home asking for Baby Annabell after playing with one at playgroup.

He already has a baby doll, but it doesn't do anything (it was mine so it is about 20 years old!)

I've looked at B.A. in the shops, and would appreciate any advice from owners, will she be played with and loved or dumped in the corner? Just what exactly does she do, and are there any cheaper alternatives out there... come to that, will he know it's a B.A. replica?

Oh should add, we do have a new baby due in 2 weeks, so it seems a nice idea for DS to have his own baby to play with, but she doesn't come cheap, so would appreciate any advice!

Many thanks. x

charliecat Mon 27-Nov-06 11:59:10

Shes cheap in boots at the moment and on 3 for 2.
My BA doesnt get played with.

mumatuks Mon 27-Nov-06 12:00:30

thanks for the Boots hint, DS has seen an advert for her and his eyes lit up! It was last wednesday he was playing with her, and he's still asking, so she must've made an impact!!

Gingerbear Mon 27-Nov-06 12:01:50

She cries and gurgles and burps (and the latest version has 'real tears' too)

At least she has an off switch.

DD preferred her 'My First Baby Annabel' which is much cheaper, lighter and a bit smaller, but doen't do all those things.

mumatuks Mon 27-Nov-06 12:04:12

at off switch!

Rebi Mon 27-Nov-06 12:12:01

Argos have 25% off all Baby Anabell stuff at mo - I ran out to Argos at 7.30 on Sat night when ad came on!!

charliecat Mon 27-Nov-06 12:13:40

If you buy 3 for 3 shes 16 quid. Sell the others on ebay.

hana Mon 27-Nov-06 12:14:41

we have a looky likey from John Lewis - dd didin't and doesn't know the difference - sucks a bottle, cries, says mama and best of all was half the price of a baby annabel.

mumatuks Mon 27-Nov-06 12:28:06

thanks for the extra ideas and links everyone.. I'll have a word with DH at lunch when he rings. I think he was a bit shocked at just how much a dolly could cost! I think he'll like the idea of selling the others on Ebay after buying them cheaper!

sandyballs Mon 27-Nov-06 12:38:10

My twin DDs were given Baby A for xmas two years ago and it was well worth the money. They still play with her every day and love dressing her up. They are nearly 6.

Socci Mon 27-Nov-06 12:39:18

Message withdrawn

DimpledThighs Tue 28-Nov-06 20:00:24


I was given a great tip - don't buy BA clothes, buy premature baby clothes - much cheaper and more choice.

poppiesinaline Tue 28-Nov-06 20:51:16

DD got a Baby Annabel for her 2nd birthday . She is now 6 1/2 and it has gone to bed with her every single night. She still plays with her loads. Other dolls she goes through phases but BA is played with all the time.

Well worth it for us.

poppiesinaline Tue 28-Nov-06 20:51:31

agree with the clothes thing btw.

hulababy Tue 28-Nov-06 20:53:43

Agree about the clothes - I bought some second hand tiny baby sized clothes for 1P plus P&P on ebay instead

DD got BA when she was 20 months old. She is now 4y7m and it is regularly played with. So been worth the money for us.

BonyM Tue 28-Nov-06 20:54:51

DD1 had one for Christmas when she was 2.5. She was 8 in April and only really stopped playing with her earlier this year. She was always her favourite doll.

Well worth it!

mumatuks Tue 28-Nov-06 21:07:00

Thanks for all the extra replies and the ones I had already!
I think I'm going to have to got get it
for DS as a definate. I like the clothing tips too. I'll definately bear that in mind.

You're all a great help! Thankyou x

Peridot30 Tue 28-Nov-06 21:50:35

my MIL has bought it for dd for christmas. Know its worth the money for her as loves her babies! All her dollies go to bed each night with her. Ive bought ELC dolls clothes for BA as her clothes are really expensive. Got it for £22.49 in woolies

millie99 Tue 28-Nov-06 22:20:59

Asda do a cheap version that cries, snores, burps and says mama.My DD calls it baby annabel so she hasn't noticed the difference.

Elly1801 Mon 24-Nov-08 10:56:23

Can anyone tell me - what is the difference between Annabell, Chou chou (sp?) and Baby Born???

christywhisty Mon 24-Nov-08 11:37:26

Chou Chou has a lovely soft body and is weighted to feel like a real baby.

Cocodrillo Mon 24-Nov-08 11:43:14

Baby Born can go in the bath, for what it's worth.

She also has a horse grin shock hmm

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