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Hornby train sets! Anyone's DC got one? Do they play with it much?

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dinosaur Fri 24-Nov-06 14:42:17

Grandparents are suggesting getting DS1 and DS2 a Hornby train set for Xmas.

They both love and still play with Brio train stuff a lot.

Would they like Hornby? Don't know anyone else who has it. Can see it being an expensive white elephant, lol!

RTKangaMummy Fri 24-Nov-06 14:49:52

DH got one from me for his birthday and he and DS play with it together

But DS is 11 years

They buy new track, bridges houses etc

It is permenantly set in in sussex

And it is huge so you need alot of room for it iyswim

My bro had some when we were younger and so did my grandpa but it was set up all the time rather than built and put away

southeastastra Fri 24-Nov-06 14:51:41

how old are they? they're quite fiddly and better for older children iykwim. my dad bought me one for christmas when i was about 10, i think he wanted it more !

tortoiseshell Fri 24-Nov-06 14:52:23

We got ds1 some for his 5th birthday - he does like it, and we have made a board for it so it can be got out quickly, but I think it will come into its own later - he still loves the brio as he can make up stories with it. Dh prefers playing with ds1 with the hornby, so that is a 'dad and ds1' thing that they do.

They have to be quite careful with the hornby stuff as it is all a bit delicate, so you need to think about how careful your dss are.

zippitippitoes Fri 24-Nov-06 14:55:18

don't know how much it has changed but it is a hobby rather than a toy i think

my younger brother used to have it but in one house in its own room set up on specially made surface that you went undernetah and emerged in the middle and you can't run the trains to fast or they crash and you have to keep adjusting and fidgetting and it's expensive

in another house he had a huge track which the layout was on pulleys and wiched up to the ceiling so he could use his bedroom to sleep in too!

dinosaur Fri 24-Nov-06 14:58:50

DS1 and DS2 are 7 & 5.

RTKangaMummy Fri 24-Nov-06 15:06:22

Is your DP or DH wanting to play trainsets ?

Cos I think 5 and 7 is a bit yound to play by themselves IMHO

dinosaur Fri 24-Nov-06 15:21:55

No I don't think DH would be keen!

RTKangaMummy Fri 24-Nov-06 15:32:07

IMHO then I would wait a few years then

Hassled Mon 17-Nov-08 14:19:18

Bumping 2 years later for more opinions - DS3 (6) is very keen for one. They seem crippingly expensive and apart from the storage issues I'm not fully convinced he would play with it enough to justify the outlay. Or that we could actually get enough track and trains for our £70-ish budget for it to be any good from DS3's POV.

But if we do go down that route, has anyone seen any bargain sets anywhere?

haggisaggis Mon 17-Nov-08 14:28:20

Argos and Woolies do a very small starter set for about £ 40. It gets reasonable reviews on other sites from Hornby buffs!
I've suggested thta ds's grandparents get him it for Christmas.

bellavita Mon 17-Nov-08 14:44:58

DS2 9 keeps asking for a Hornby train set (we do have a wooden one which he still plays with).

DH not keen as it is just not something you can set up and take down after half an hour - really need somewhere to keep it laid out. We do have a conservatory, but I know it would get on my nerves being on the floor even if it was on board or mat.

AMumInScotland Mon 17-Nov-08 14:58:30

It's best if you can attach the track permanently to a board, because it can be a hassle putting it up each time. If you do that, you can put the board under the bed or behind the wardrobe to keep it out of the way.

For younger children I'm not convinced they're that interesting TBH, unless dad plays too! You can't even race them...

Hassled Mon 17-Nov-08 15:48:46

Thanks - I want to just say no, but he's persistent and hasn't actually come up with any other wants. We just don't really have the space.

Fimbo Mon 17-Nov-08 15:52:39

We have the Hornby Thomas & Percy set. Ds got it last year for Christmas when he was just 4. I got fed up of lying about doing nothing so packed it off to the garage. He discovered it a couple of weeks ago and has played with it non stop since. The only thing is he wants to carry Thomas, Percy, Annie/Clarabel and the troublesome trucks around because they aren't as robust as take-a-long or the wooden ones a small part of Thomas is broken.

We have a playroom so he plays with it on the floor but I am considering getting a small wooden table for it.

Fimbo Mon 17-Nov-08 15:54:02

This is it

Hassled Mon 17-Nov-08 18:51:05

Thanks Still dithering - but good to know they do get played with.

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