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******************Important thread - please read - EVERYONE********************

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soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 11:22:55


I'm distressed reading about those of you who are worried sick about Christmas and having no money to buy things for your children!

Rather than sit of my ample backside and do nothing I have the following proposal to make.

Those of you who have old toys/gifts which are in good condition, or who are willing to buy a new gift for a child can register your contributions with me.

Those of you who are down on your uppers can send me your details - name, address, age and gender of children, what kind of things they like!

Those lovely MN who will send me Christmassy things will be matched up with those people who would like a bit of a hand with Christmas.

Those giving pressies will wrap the pressie and label it 'To XXX from Santa', and then send it to the address given to them.

If people receiving presents want to remain anonymous then I can ask people to send their contributions to me, and I will forward them onto the gift receiver, I will bear the postage cost of the onwards posting!

If people want to help, but have no toys etc to do so, then a small amount on a gift voucher for woolies, argos or the like can be sent instead!

Please post on this thread whether you think it is a winger - if we get at least 10 givers and 10 receivers then I will go ahead with it, and will post my email address to start the ball rolling!

Receivors must be regular MNetters, in case we are deluged from other sites

So it is over to you guys - good idea or not???

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 11:24:02

What a spelling nightmare that post was!

Oh well

Tutter Tue 14-Nov-06 11:24:15

hi - good idea. i have things i'd be happy to contribute. what about (new) clothes?

xmasstocking Tue 14-Nov-06 11:24:28

Hi - sounds like a fab idea. Although I have no toys to give as DS is only 4 months and still playing with all his toys, I would be quite happy to provide a gift voucher.

lulumama Tue 14-Nov-06 11:25:01

fab!! i'll send....!

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 11:25:27

Yep, clothes good!

I suspect seasonal foodie stuff would go down well too - but lets here from those who might like a bit of a hand!

marymillington Tue 14-Nov-06 11:25:54

Yes, got some lovely stuff for smaller children that is in need of a good home.

will CAT you.

BudaBeast Tue 14-Nov-06 11:26:12

I think it is a great idea Soapbox.

I am overseas so can't send a toy or similar but happy to do an on-line gift voucher for somewhere.

Well done you!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Tue 14-Nov-06 11:26:16

Soapy - can I CAT you please.

flamesparrow Tue 14-Nov-06 11:26:30

Being one of those struggling this Christmas (and a tad depressed on top of it) - sat here with tears streaming down my face reading this - it is a lovely idea (and was thinking the same sort of thing reading sockmonkey's thread "Do I have anything suitable etc..")

hovely Tue 14-Nov-06 11:26:31

I am up for it soapbox. Have nothing to offer as have already cleared out everything suitable for re-use, but I will buy a toy or a token. Do you want me to post the amount I will go up to? would prefer not to post that.

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 11:28:26

No hovely - anything at all is more than welcome

If people know other MNetters who would like help but are too shy to post here, then nominations for help are welcome too, provided you can give me their address, childrens ages etc.

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 11:30:38

Well this looks like it might be a goer[grin

Here is my email address to use for contribution details and for requests for a bit of a hand:

soapbox1964 at yahoo dot com

Let's make this a great Christmas for all of us! Givers and receivers!!!!

Clary Tue 14-Nov-06 11:32:23

I think it;s a great idea Soapie and would gladly contribute. Maybe a couple of easily postable gifts. Has anyone got any ages/suggestions? Or shall I just come up with something?

yeahinaminute Tue 14-Nov-06 11:34:10

I have plenty of toys to suit from babies up to 3/4 year old girl Would be more than happy to oblige - please send the details - Have some packaged up already for a friends cousin on her uppers - but would be happy to spread them round.

And what a generous, kind - hearted gesture to have started this soabox ... S x

ratclare Tue 14-Nov-06 11:37:41

id be happy to contribute a gift , i remember when i lived in a homeless hostel a local church made up hampers for everyone who lived there and believe me when your at the bottem it really makes a huge difference , how do we contact you?

Tutter Tue 14-Nov-06 11:38:03

have emailed you soapy

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Tue 14-Nov-06 11:38:35

Soapy, I have CAT you.

Thank you so much for starting this. It is amazing how MNers can pull together to help others.

JackieNo Tue 14-Nov-06 11:39:23

Fab idea, soapbox - will email you later.

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 11:40:16

Right I need to go off and do some work - got a meeting!

Can some of you help by keeping this bumped up to the top of active convos!

I've just sent a note to MNHQ checking that they are happy with me doing this! Will keep you all posted!

In the meantime a reminder of where to send your emails!

Soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk

Bozza Tue 14-Nov-06 11:42:01

Soapy I think this is a brilliant idea. I will have a root around at home. I know off hand that I have two BNIB (duplicate gifts) Bob the Builder puzzles. Will have a look what else and e-mail you. I think the difficult bit is getting people coming forward as recipients.

Anyone who is struggling - please do not be shy/embarassed - because you can contact soapbox directly in confidence.

flamesparrow Tue 14-Nov-06 11:42:03

Can I just repeat - it is dot co dot uk... the dot com version bounces

foundintranslation Tue 14-Nov-06 11:42:17

Oh lovely idea soapy. I was just reading another sad thread and thinking how I'd like to help. Will email you later.

foundintranslation Tue 14-Nov-06 11:43:03

And P.S. thank you - I was just feeling mucho sorry for myself and this thread has lifted me out of that.

poshgirlformerlymaggiesmama Tue 14-Nov-06 11:45:03

this is the most wonderful idea. i would love to contribute. i was planning to make a lola (charlie and lola) doll for my dd. i could make a couple more. if home made is ok?

defo got lots of toys to pass on too.

feel slightly teary. how odd.

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