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Robo Bugs - anyone got one - are they good?

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TwoToTango Thu 09-Nov-06 13:17:27

I saw bugs , they look quite good. My ds is 6 - I wondered if they would be too complicated for him to build as it says age 8+. Anyone else got them?

bluesky Fri 10-Nov-06 17:12:25

My son got these last year (aged 9).

They are quite good, but he needed help, they are quite fiddly and technical. And then they've never been touched since!

ernest Fri 10-Nov-06 17:43:37

have you seen robo bugs (can't remember exact name) advertised this year that are in the region of shocking £80 each. Any seen/got one of those. ds desperate for one. 99% certain at £80 it's no chance, but was wondering why they're so much and if they're any good.

re op, i'd say your ds would be too young at 6. I saw them too, in my search for the mega expensive ones that I saw advertised and not since

TwoToTango Fri 10-Nov-06 20:23:10

I think you mean nsect ernest - I was asking about these on her a couple of weeks ago - until I found out how much they were! I had reserved a robobugs at argos but I might give them a miss until he's a bit older - thanks both you've saved me £15

figgypud Fri 10-Nov-06 20:46:50

They are really easy to use got one 2/3 xmas ago!

BUT it broke after two days! So wouldn't personally recommend! Sorry

ernest Fri 10-Nov-06 21:37:53

ho well done, How long have I spent looking for that. Yes, it is indeed N.S.E.C.T. Thank you so much. Bloody £90??? They're having a laff. WIll have to think up some other (better value for money and cheaper) birthday pressie ideas.

TwoToTango Mon 10-Sep-07 16:42:06

HELP!! finally got a set of robo bugs but can't get them to work blush - think I might be connecting the wires wrong - any suggestions anyone.

KerryMum Mon 10-Sep-07 16:44:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TwoToTango Mon 10-Sep-07 16:56:50

That what I thought KerryMum but I have connected the wires to the spring terminals and none of them work - in the instructions it says all the wires from the circuit board that are the same colour need to go into the same spring - I wonder if this applies to the wires from the motor and the other part - I have tried all sorts of combinations but can't get any of them to work!!

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