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any special offers/codes please for christmas presents?

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anniebear Mon 16-Oct-06 11:24:20

I used the LX Direct ones the other day! Fantastic

Does anyone have anymore?

Maybe we could keep this thread going and add any special offers or codes you know about over the next few months?

jollydiane Fri 13-Jun-08 20:26:52

There is a 15% discount & free P&P for JoJo Maman Bebe, quote MTC81

This is my first message so I hope it will help someone. If anyone knows a code for phase eight I would be grateful.

firemaiden Sun 26-Nov-06 15:14:49

Thanks for looking anyway.

fifi26 Sun 26-Nov-06 14:36:33

I've looked on vouchercodes and hotukdeals and neither site has anything for either store. Think you will be lucky to find any if they're not mentioned on those two sites. Might be worth looking at buying through quidco for cashback but the site is down at the moment.

xmasmummy Sun 26-Nov-06 13:28:37

does anyone have any discount codes for toysrus and argos online please?

firemaiden Sat 25-Nov-06 15:27:26

Anyone got a discount code for Hotel chocolat? I've tried the Voucher Codes website and it suggests some discount codes but HC aren't accepting them . Knowing that there are some codes out there, makes me reluctant to pay full price particularly since chocs will come to me and then i will send them out with other things (so 2 delivery costs). Alternatively, can anyone recommend other good chocolate websites?

Fattymumma Tue 21-Nov-06 23:15:34

im trying to use those littlewoods codes but it tells me they aren't valid with credit/debit card payments...but they don't let me open an account

PeachyClair Tue 21-Nov-06 22:14:07

In the past I've bought without an account

ssd Tue 21-Nov-06 21:53:54

I'm trying to buy something with LX direct, do I need to open an flexible account with them to but it or can I pay by my visa?

ukbargainer Tue 21-Nov-06 15:45:20

have you tried here: Send Me Discounts


lexiemum Tue 21-Nov-06 13:12:29

found another code

15% off winter collection orders at JoJo Maman Bebe - type in code MTE62 at checkout - free p&p too

Carameli Sun 19-Nov-06 20:52:57

has anyone used the £30 off 60 spend at littlewoods? Do you ave to have an account with them or can you use a debit card?

the same for the lx direct codes.

sammac Sun 19-Nov-06 16:05:28

ZG9909 gets you £10 off and free delivery from LX. I've just ordered a stretch Scooby Doo, which is out at stock at Argos and Woolies, and got it for an amazing £9.99.

Thank you for starting this thread

pamina3 Fri 17-Nov-06 14:32:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TwoToTango Fri 17-Nov-06 14:29:56

Boots are doing free delivery over £20 until tuesday.

Beccarolloveragain Fri 17-Nov-06 10:59:14

Mine is only 3 Hope he can work it!!

Like yours he is power rangers mad but I didnt think ready for a proper bike yet.

They look really cool though so Im sure they will both love them.

Beccarolloveragain Fri 17-Nov-06 10:59:13

Mine is only 3 Hope he can work it!!

Like yours he is power rangers mad but I didnt think ready for a proper bike yet.

They look really cool though so Im sure they will both love them.

ssd Fri 17-Nov-06 10:22:33

thanks becca!

ds is almost 6 and goes his bike really fast, I just don't if the trike would be too slow for him, scared to show him it as he'll definatley want it, he's power rangers mad!

BTW what age is your ds?

Beccarolloveragain Fri 17-Nov-06 09:03:13

SSD this is the trike I ordered Power Rangers Trike

It says on hee suitable from 5 years so should be absolutely fine for a 6 year old.

The code I used was....

25 off £60 order with LX: ZQ4322

I added something else I wanted to buy anyway to make it up to the £60.


Nemo1977 Thu 16-Nov-06 22:10:34

ELC STAR 20% off should work until xmas eve.

TwoToTango Thu 16-Nov-06 21:59:34

anniebear - I was already registred with lxdirect, I think that code is for new customers. I just registered again using a different email address and it gave me the £13.50 off.

ssd Thu 16-Nov-06 21:53:34

beccarollover I want to buy the power rangers trike, my ds is nearly 6 is he too old for it?

also how did you get £25 off, can only see £13.50 code/


anniebear Thu 16-Nov-06 21:26:27

has anyone used the £13.50 off code for LX direct then used it again to buy something else?

sammac Thu 16-Nov-06 18:25:39

ELC code for 20% off- BIG42, sent it as part of a birthday bonus, should be valid for a couple of weeks.

TwoToTango Thu 16-Nov-06 17:59:12

Whats the lx code for £25 off, I can't see it?

firemaiden Thu 16-Nov-06 17:40:18

Just to update on the toysrus £5 voucher. Having looked at mine more closely, I think it is actually for the website "with Toys r us" rather than for Toysrus themselves. Really annoying - found something else I would like to buy.

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