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any special offers/codes please for christmas presents?

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anniebear Mon 16-Oct-06 11:24:20

I used the LX Direct ones the other day! Fantastic

Does anyone have anymore?

Maybe we could keep this thread going and add any special offers or codes you know about over the next few months?

anniebear Mon 06-Nov-06 14:34:08


were do you put the code in?

I am trying to order a bike now but can't see anywhere to put the code?

jackieglyn Mon 06-Nov-06 15:46:11

i cant see where you put the code in either!!!


TwoToTango Mon 06-Nov-06 17:13:51

I emailed toys r us about their promotional codes - they have just replied with the following message

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your recent e-mail.

Currently there is not anywhere on our website to accept promotional codes as we are not running any. Any codes you have gained from other internet sites are fake and have never been in use by Toys R Us.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. Should you have any further queries, then please do not hesitate to contact us again.

anniebear Mon 06-Nov-06 19:27:28


firemaiden Mon 06-Nov-06 20:54:50

umm, I ordered online from toysrus recently (ie within the last month) and they sent the goods plus a £5 voucher - only redeemable on line - with the promotional code 123527. Hope they are not repudiating their own offers.

TwoToTango Tue 07-Nov-06 19:51:44

I'd email them - they replied really quickly to me.

Twirl Wed 08-Nov-06 13:24:41

Just to report that I used the 10% off woolworths code recently and am still waiting for goods to arrive after 3 weeks! I ordered 5 items and every item has been dispatched individually resulting in many trips to post office sorting office. A real pain in the bum so wouldn't recommend them!

hoolagirl Thu 09-Nov-06 09:48:13

Don't know what happened with the toysrus code, it was a voucher they sent to me when I ordered something from them.

Anyhow, here's another,, Free Delivery from Next until the 30th November with code K8004

marymay Thu 09-Nov-06 13:58:24

thanks for the lxdirect code.just saved myself £16.50 off dd mobile phone.

anniebear Thu 09-Nov-06 18:43:28


I got great toys this year all so so reduced!

twickersmum Thu 09-Nov-06 19:08:17

£5 off at using code KF0505
free delivery over £100

prettymum Fri 10-Nov-06 15:45:57

the lx codes are once again brilliant!! bought really nice trousers and pair of pillows for only £6!! but having logging in problems!!

Pinkchampagne Fri 10-Nov-06 15:54:49

I'm having logging in problems with LX direct too. They won't accept my log in details, even though they are correct!

Heavenis Fri 10-Nov-06 16:17:31

Mothercare have got 10% off until 29 November VE6

prettymum Fri 10-Nov-06 16:54:38

pinkchampagne- i ended up registering twice with my second email and ended up with the same problem. luckily i purchased my items before logging off after registering!

bluesky Fri 10-Nov-06 17:46:05

thanks for LX codes, just got the boys some stuff, brilliant! They are part of Littlewoods aren't they.

Pinkchampagne Fri 10-Nov-06 17:58:45

It's a pain isn't it?
I wanted to place another order, but have given up now!

thepoppy Fri 10-Nov-06 18:04:29

currys are doing 10% off until 24th Nov with 10EMAIL
Just bought 2 lindam safetygates from LX for £25.98. They do £10 discount if you buy 2, then with the other discounts worked out at slightly more than the individual price. Still waiting to see if they charge me right tho!

fifi26 Fri 10-Nov-06 18:05:15

£5 off when you spend £25 at Waterstones WG7365

hoolagirl the code you had with your TRU order 123527 is for

nikkie Fri 10-Nov-06 18:49:09

Nectar vouchers
Debenhams- 500 bonus points foor £30 UH3P/triple points UH4P(Nov) UH5P (Dec)/1000 extra points for £60 spend UH6P/750 points for £40 spend UH7P

ellasmum1 Wed 15-Nov-06 14:32:09

Am pleased to report that i received 13.50 off and goods delivered on time from lx direct!! didn't have to ring them up! Just can't get back in to site with my login details so order your stuff at same time you register.

Marne Wed 15-Nov-06 14:43:53

Just used the LX codes, got £25 off a Nintendo DS for DSS.

Also just used the Currys code to get 10% off a Ipod for DSS2

THANK YOU for all the codes you have just saved me £35

Beccarolloveragain Thu 16-Nov-06 14:21:47

Woohoo just well and truly started my Christmas shopping

Got DS the power rangers sports low rider trike he has seen in woolworths and was desperate for. It was 55 in there

And the peppa pig deluxe play house with mat that is normally 19 it was 16 on lx

Then used the 25 quid off code

So…….instead of 74 for both of them got them both inc delivery for £44.99

How cool is that!

LynnC Thu 16-Nov-06 14:37:28

Hi everyone - mothercare have 10% off until 26th November with code VE6.

LynnC Thu 16-Nov-06 14:38:47

oops just noticed Heavenis already posted that one!

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